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  1. Fantastic! I don’t know if I’m more impressed that she knows how to take a selfie, or that she can send an attachment to a text! That is one talented lady you have there, treasure her!
  2. Are the naked pics of her? That would be noteworthy!
  3. “If she really wanted a big cock partner, she wouldn't be married to you.” Geez Louise, I think you’re on to something!
  4. I appreciate the prompt response! The title of this thread no longer makes me grind my jaw.
  5. Can a mod change the title of this thread to “without” instead of “withiut”? Sorry to pick nits, but with erections in evidently short supply, what’s a guy to do?
  6. I responded to her at the time, and I thought she was an actual woman, too.
  7. With men, desire always precedes arousal. A 106-year-old guy sees an attractive woman and thinks, “I’d Iike to tap that.” Could he? Likely not, but the inclination persists. With women, arousal precedes desire. If she’s ill, or doesn’t feel well, she can’t be approached, so there is no chance of desire coming into play. Many on this board are bound by this conundrum.
  8. Actually I saw April 15, 2006 as her last post (the day I turned 55 LOL!) I was an active participant in this thread I am Fredneck1951. I have seen posts by me from that time period quite a bit.
  9. Gee you are 5” and she said you were the smallest she has ever seen? You do know that 5” is pretty solidly average, yes? I was surprised that my wife, an experienced woman when I met her, did NOT say I was the smallest she had ever seen. She said I looked “average”. Well OK if you say so!
  10. I am really glad this thread header was corrected to “Recoup Time” from “Recup Time”.
  11. @Jason E Were you married at the time or involved with her?
  12. @Jason E You were there to see it?
  13. @old n hard You probably don’t have his money, either LOL.
  14. @old n hard I know how you can get a 30-yo girlfriend. Tell her you’re 90.
  15. @TinyJock I’ve never known a chipmunk that didn’t have an attitude. Look at Alvin!
  16. @TinyJock I was a sophomore in college when I enlisted in the Navy Reserve. I was assigned to a Gold Crew out of Chicago, where I was going to school. These were experienced men, it was 1971 and there were a few who had fought in WWII, and several Korea vets, plus Vietnam vets. I was scheduled to attend OCS in Newport the next summer. One weekend a quarter, our crew would fly to Jamestown, RI to man the USS Harlan R Dickson, DD708, a Sumner class from WWII. Because my older brother was a Navy Chief, I was not totally unfamiliar with Navy lore, etc. A kindly QM1 named Willie took me under his w
  17. @AmyStieb I never had any kind of dramatic growth that I can recall. It got more use in my early 20s when I started having regular sex so it seemed to get bigger, but again, nothing dramatic. These days I am trying to maintain what I’ve got!
  18. @IndyBanker1946 Now now, Indy, she wasn’t getting “the old guy” hard back then, she was getting “the young guy” hard! It’s Mary who gets “the old guy” hard these days, bless her!
  19. @canuck45 As Voltaire said, “Hypocrisy is vice’s tribute to virtue.”
  20. @smallgrower I’ve been looking for her obit and I can’t find it.
  21. @smallgrower I missed that! My wife met her.
  22. @WA1NGRO Good hints. My wife and I were big toy users, more me on her and she would really get off. I found that for us extensions I wore produced good-to-great results, including the occasional squirt session that was really exciting. Strap-ons were also used, but sometimes that added too much thickness which was not to her taste. Later on, a jetted tub was a sure-fire way for her to get off and she always wanted to finish with a creampie from me, which I was only too happy to provide. As she got older, she liked more clitoral stimulation with a vibrator and as her pussy shortened a
  23. @Triasco9.5 I love kissing and giving and receiving oral although 69 just doesn’t work for me. Taking turns works best. But I passed on anal sex. Oh, I tried it, but I was never comfortable with it. I felt it was not just “dirty”, it was downright unsanitary. As far as being on the receiving end, I told my Nasty Nurse story that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Now in my life I kind of wonder what I missed. My wife enjoyed anal, she wanted to do it, and she kidded me for not being enthusiastic. I will say the few times we did it we used a dildo in her pussy while I banged her fro
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