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  1. @Foursquared Women's panties do tend to be more comfy than men's underwear
  2. Not sure if anything can be done, but I can tell you I'm in the exact same situation as you are. Totally inverted almost all the time. Unless I'm sexually aroused
  3. @Pilgrem Well, back in the day the Sears catalog had girls in bras and panties.. So, that makes sense.. lol
  4. @Sven D Same here.. Inverted when completely soft/cold
  5. My normal flaccid state is basically inverted.. So 0".. When fully hard I grow to 3.5".. So even though it's not much, I'm definitely a grower.
  6. 10.88% In a room of 1000 guys, 891 should be both longer and girthier than you. Your dick is at most 4.46 in3 (2.47 fl oz)
  7. When I was around 11, me and my 10 yo cousin were playing the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" game.. Well she pulled down her shorts and panties and I got a good look at her pussy. When it was my turn I pulled down mine and was rock hard, and her first words were something like "I thought it would be bigger, my brother is bigger than you" and her brother was only 6.. Come to find out she had a habit of playing that game with all the boys and she said even though I was the oldest most of the younger boys were bigger than me.
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