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  1. Hi guys,  I have a tiny penis and I am up for a chat or you can email me at:


    I am bi, horny, and open minded!

  2. Hi guys, I have a tiny penis, and I am also a premature ejaculator. I cum too soon during intercourse. I never could make my ex cum with my penis. Do any other guys here with a small penis cum too soon as well? Anything work or help? Would a sex therapist be a good idea? Thanks, Halfinchcock
  3. I like going for nude swims and there is a club in my area that hosts them at various indoor pools. The locker rooms are coed for these swims and one time I was changing in front of a mother with two teenage boys. Both were larger than me and I think their flaccid cocks were larger than my erection. Their mother was friendly and said hello to me, winked, and glanced at my manhood. Another time, I had just come out of the change room when this well hung guy came up and spoke to me. i have noticed at most swims I am about the smallest.
  4. Hi guys, I am 57 years old. My flaccid penis is less than 1 inch. Photos in the gallery. And, hard I am just under 3 inches.
  5. I am around 3 1/2 inches hard but flaccid I can be less than an inch! i like to have a 6 or 7 inch cock that is 6 inches around, something nice and fat. I would like to be a shower and be about 6 inches long flaccid. And I would like to get very hard and point straight up! I would have a lot of staying power too, no premature ejaculation!
  6. https://ca.askmen.com/sex/sex_education/average-penis-size/ I found these articles the other day. What do you think?
  7. I agree, I wouldn’t want to wear a mask either. It’s a good cause and I love being totally naked!
  8. Although I have a tiny penis, what I like most is that I can cum a lot! My half inch
  9. That is one the most small, hot cock that I have ever seen. 

  10. I started a similar post in the smaller x-change forum but maybe more responses would follow here in the main forum? Is your cock shrinking? My cock has noticeable shrunk in size in the past year. See my profile for some photos, I was tiny to begin with. i attribute this to aging, some weight gain, and a variety of medications I have been on for some chronic illness. Anyone else experiencing this, your comments are appreciated! Regards, halfinchcock
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