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  1. I did in high school and beyond. Liked how I looked in briefs and jeans once I'd stuffed a sock inside my briefs...usually wrapped it around my cock. After some time tho it became a nuisance to do that every day.
  2. There aren't many opportunities for me to take showers in a public place these days. When I was working and going to the gym near work during the day, I'd take a shower after working out. The showers at this gym were semi private. Most of the guys at the gym at this time were 20 years or more younger than I was and most had hot bodies at that age. I was more self conscious about my deteriorated body lol than I was about my cock. Probably most of the guys at the gym were straight and no one seemed to be cruising other guys although it's hard to know for sure. But I noticed that most of these gu
  3. I like my cock...always have...it's on the small side of average I think. I've had sex with a great many guys over the years and most of them have been somewhere in the average size range. Some of my best sex partners had small to very very small cocks and if I have a pref at all with sex partners, it's a small cock...let me count the reasons why lol.....If mine were a bit thicker and maybe an inch or two longer, I'd like that but I don't dwell on this.
  4. I've never used the fly. So much easier to just push the front of my briefs down and take a piss.
  5. Yeah, it's way more than long. More impressive tho if you took clearer pics of it. Be hot to see a close up of the head.
  6. It is a compliment....the head must be engorged just before you cum, girth increases on that long cock. Awesome
  7. I took showers with my dad from the time I was 6 or so until I was almost 10. At the time I thought his cock was huge but that's only because I was so young and still very very small. His was uncut while mine was cut. I was fascinated by his cock, always wished I'd been left uncut like he was. I'd guess now that as an adult I'm close to the size he was. Never saw him with an erection but sure did fantasize about that when I was a bit older. He had a great body, very fit, he'd been a boxer in the army.
  8. Looking at a guy's crotch is as automatic for me as noticing his face. I like imagining what his cock looks like.
  9. I haven't posted for a while but.....lol. Some years ago I thought of writing a book about MWM (married white male) who posted for sex with a guy on craigslist. I met many of them over lunchtime while at work. All of the guys I met wore their wedding rings. They were generally middle age or a bit beyond and all of them talked a bit about their wives not wanting sex often. I never knew the truth of it all and it didn't matter to me. Our contacts were anonymous, fleeting and mostly satisfying sexually. None of the ones I met seemed to be new at this.None expressed any desire to leave their wives
  10. Only thing I can say is that my experience with many gay sex partners over 40+ years is that the overwhelming majority had erect cocks in the 5" range, the next larger groups were just under 5" or just over 6". A very much smaller group were under 4.5 or over 6.5. So I tend to believe that 5- 51/2" is a reasonable average. Not that it ever matters......
  11. I agree about amateur porn. I don't watch straight porn but I've found a lot of amateur porn with guys with all different kinds of cocks. I just browse until I find just the right combination of guy, cock, and scene that fits my mood and fantasy at the time. Sometimes it's easier to just conjure it up in my head exactly the way I want it and beat off to that. I like beating off watching myself on cam. Sometimes I even record it so I can watch it again and conjure up whatever fantasy I had that time.
  12. Someone else mentioned being happy with his size but wishing he were uncircumcized. I think I feel the same way. I envy uncut cocks and wish I could have experienced sex that way.
  13. My experience going to a variety of gyms over the years is that I tended to notice who was in overall good shape vs those weren't. I'm sure guys at gyms that were predominantly gay were discretely checking out cocks but I never noticed anyone blatently looking. Like someone else mentioned here, most of us were intent on getting the shower, getting dressed and back to work.
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