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  1. The guy in the back on the first pic has a tiny penis. All others are average to small-average.
  2. My two best friends know most "details" about my penis as we have seen each others many times in the locker room and showers. So they know how much my soft state can change from poking out to almost inverted (after swimming). With one of them i've shared a room for several days on holiday years ago, there we saw each others hard too as we slept nude - so he knows every detail in this case...
  3. I've got the first pubes at 12 and at 13 I had the same bush as now... My dick grow a bit in length but only hard, soft it stayed tiny altough the width increased a bit in both states
  4. I think the real reason for her to choose the pink guy first was that he had a small penis (just look at the dicksize of the guy she finally left). BTW i think it was great that the pink guy participated despite his small dick!
  5. Same here. Later it was my penis, other body parts doesn't bothered me much. Then I got over the shyness too, took some time of course.
  6. I wished to have a 3,5-4" soft and 6-7" hard dick, it would be enough for me, but now I'm ok with my small one too (no other chice either).
  7. The first thing what i remember was a swimming session in preschool when I was 5 which was only performed two or three times. All the kids were nude girls and boys, so at firts it was a bit akward but mostly because girls were there too, but later it didn't bother us at all. It was only one boy who i remember had a much bigger dick there, bigger as everyone else, noticeably hanging down. I was swimming often with my father when i was 8-10 and at the pool there was a big open communal shower and locker room which was always crowded, there was the first time I saw the "variety" of cocks and
  8. I'm 6' tall and i'd like to be taller not much by 2-3" max. My penis is 4" and I'm ok with it too. When I had to choose I would be tall with the small dick.
  9. OK, I didn't check his profile, only read his post. I thought he was writing about soft size when he wanted it in upright position and it was going downwards and laid over his scrotal region.
  10. I've the same hard penis size since 14 so it grew a bit between 12 and 14. Soft it doesn't changed, its the same as before puberty, maybe a bit thicker. Most significant change was getting pubes for me too, at 12 got the first few dark hairs around my penis and at 14 i had a big bush, at 13 got underarm hairs too. My height stopped at 15.
  11. For me the deepest is in missionary for sure, i get my whole penis in. In spoon position i barely reach the lips… so it doesn't work at all. From behind i can get in but slip out very easy, have to be carefull to not make big strokes...
  12. BTW I don't think a 4" soft penis is small... I wear mostly briefs sometimes boxer briefs and my penis just pokes out the same way in both. No chance for hanging down or staying in an upright position.
  13. Yes, I tought he did not have any but I surely had heavy shirnkage (as always…) so maybe he had it too… so can be to over 8 inches.
  14. I have seen many bigger ones in the past, always locker rooms and communal showers. What i remember as the biggest was an older guy about 60 y/o about 8 years ago, he entered the showers after me at the swimming pool, took off his swimming trunks and let his monster swing. I think it was 7 inches long and really fat and no sign of shrinkage from cold pool water...
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