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  1. Thanks for the posts, it means a lot to hear from similar sized guys being naked or exposed in front of others. I may not have a gym membership but this helps in going places where there are open urinals or troughs or outside where i may have to take a piss in front of others. Even at my middle age, this feedback is appreciated.
  2. *Sigh* I miss the long horizontal urinals too. My high school had them and some of the older buildings at my university did too (mid 90s into 2000). For most part no one had serious problem using them but of course there were the piss-shy types and others who took corner urinal and shifted at angle to hide any sightings. Rest of us, including some teachers didn't care. Awesome times. Was reminded of them when I saw this pic and also saddened to see similar ones removed from an older building that's part of my work organization. I stopped in to piss recently and couldn't help but notice the 2 t
  3. In early 2000s when I was in college out west in a large metro, I remember an unexpected encounter: I was in the fitness center complex open showers after a workout and a slim Asian guy looked to be late 20s (possible grad student) came in and showered a few feet away. I didn't think anything of it and continued to wash myself off as normal but when I turned around to rinse back, he was looking at me with a dark hairy HUNG uncut hard-on. I stayed calm but totally found the scene erotic as he occasionally stroked self while washing and soaping his bod off with no hesitation -- he had to be 8 i
  4. I remember seeing the troughs and open area walls with drains in floor at the state fair grounds whenever we went annually. Those were obviously older buildings and definitely gave show opportunity for guys of all sizes and ages. And that was one of first introductions to seeing the different shapes and sizes of guys.
  5. Anyone see another person's dad naked or at least partially and think about the connection? For example, I recall a high school teacher (also was a wrestling and assist. Football coach) who had a daughter the same age and grade as me. Several times during school year we would cross paths in restroom. The school faculty had their own facilities but he and a few others preferred the main student restroom since it was closer to their classrooms. He was mid 40s at time but shorter around 5'7" but fairly good shape and had blue eyes with salt/pepper hair. Anywho, my sightings of him were at urinals
  6. I go back and forth as well...When I'm in biz shirt and slacks for work, I just unzip and use the fly on both boxers and boxer briefs. Usually to avoid readjusting my tucked in dress shirt since I already hassle with it when getting dressed.But I'm definitely an over the top guy when it comes to casual times when I usually wear jeans. I usually unbutton, unzip and pee from over the top of my waistband since I don't tuck in my casual shirts. Guess it's a force of habit from college and high school days where I observed a majority of the guys did this. Anyone take note of the same habits of othe
  7. Thank you for your work and words on this body imagery issue. Appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for sharing, this also took me back in mind to school years too. The high school science teachers were also sport coaches and had good rapport with students and would use student restrooms since they were closer to their classrooms. I admired how they were comfortable taking piss at urinals with us students (this was mid 1990s for me) and so that helped me become comfortable with self in that setting ... Two were mid to late 30s about my (current day) age at time and were pretty handsome and one wore tight slacks with a polo or buttoned shirt most days and he showed a decent sized bulg
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm on bi side but also have similar thoughts and curiosity about bigger cocks whether it's in porn or a fellow neighbor in a restroom or locker room setting. I don't mean to be a creep about the thoughts and fascination about other guys cocks but it is interesting to see how others are stacked against each other in terms of size or other physical feature.
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