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    Being free in my boxers, nudity, chating

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  1. I'm around 7in. when I'm erect. That "Average" isn't true.
  2. I can't even go a day. It is just so much fun. I tried it this year too; I failed around noon on the first. Oh well, if you watch a lot of porn you can't help it!
  3. I started noticing growth of hair and body parts around 9 or 10. I was a really early boomer. My pubes when I was 12 were a large bush size and my underarm hairs were about 3 inches long. I always thought I was underdeveloped but I guess not!
  4. I measure mine about once every month. Just because I think its fun.
  5. Mine definstrly is. Mine is at least 3 inches longer than his and a lot wider. Seen him at the urinal and I compare and mine is bigger and bigger but his is smaller and smaller.
  6. What are your thoughts on dick sizes. Childhood experiences only. Ele to College
  7. I was always a little pee shy little kid. Until I learned if I want to see it, I have to let others see it, so now I’m not. I love the open ones and the troughs, the troughs are the best, evspecially if it’s open both sides! they are the best. I use them wherever and whenever I can. Even when I don’t need to. Just to show off.
  8. I was twelve and it was 5 1/2 inches soft. Just in 6th grade. Everyone was bragging about their dicks and I wanted to find out how big mine was. I took a ruler and found it through the curly pubes and measured it. I went in the next day and was all proud. One of the biggest in the class.
  9. None of mine have a fly- I just pull down and lt it all hang out and free until that dick touches the porcelain.
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