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  1. I’m almost 6’ tall and weigh about 155lbs., after a big meal. My erection is only 3” x 3.25”. When flaccid my thing only pokes out maybe an inch and a half. I would gladly trade a few inches in height for a few more inches in the length and girth of my penis, if that were actually possible, lol.
  2. Whose fault is it? I’m not really sure if it is actually anyone’s ‘fault’. It’s just a simple question of anatomy. Some men are just more physically suited to give pleasure to women who have large or even regular sized vaginas. Some men, like a lot of us here, are simply less suited to fill that role. It basically comes down to the individual woman’s preference on what she wants and needs to properly satisfy her. Casting blame at someone, including yourself, is not helpful at all. Just my two cents worth on a subject I am more than familiar with.
  3. I understand. I don’t really know if you could call it ‘struggling’ or not but the fact that I had such a tiny one directly resulted in me ALWAYS being the ‘bottom’. Of course I was still a young boy at the time doing ‘things’ for this other young boy who was my age. Our sessions occurred on a regular basis and it was all a ‘one way’ arrangement. He had no interest whatsoever in providing me with what I was providing for him. Boys can be like that I guess, lol. I actually never really expected him to anyway. It’s been quite some time since I have engaged in same sex activities but I do not r
  4. I posted on this topic a few years ago. When puberty would begin for me was a serious and constant concern of mine when I was a young teenage boy. I actually contemplated the thought it might not ever happen for me. My friend started right when he turned twelve. Three and a half years had passed since then and my penis was still very tiny and very bald, and still no wet orgasms. I was mid way through my fifteenth year and I still had no indication whatsoever that I was anywhere close to starting. Eventually a month or so before I turned sixteen I think it was that I started squirting a small
  5. I am very small flaccid, as well as erect. Usually not much more than the small glans of my penis shows when I’m flaccid. Occasionally some of my shaft will show but not very much. When the shaft does show when my penis is flaccid it is usually in a very relaxed state. It actually might have some ‘hang’ to it but not very much. My penis looks ridiculously thin when in that condition. It is embarrassing for me to be seen either erect or flaccid but I guess flaccid is the most embarrassing. I guess.
  6. You know you’re small when you have to use two hands to pee. You have to use your thumb one hand to pull your fly down far enough. Then you have to use two fingers on your other hand to reach in and try to pull out and stretch your thing far enough out of your fly so you don’t actually pee in your pants. I was playing golf once and I had to pee. I turned my back to the guys in my foursome and peed next to a tree. I used the method described above. I’m sure this one guy didn’t actually see my penis but after I finished he commented: “You always know a guy has a tiny dick when has to use two ha
  7. That has also happened to me a few times. I edge for awhile, go flaccid....and then for some reason a fair amount of semen will ooze out of my flaccid penis. It surprises me because it doesn’t really feel like I’m actually ejaculating at all. No pulses or contractions, just my semen coming out. When that happens I usually scoop up as much of my semen as quickly as I can with my fingers and eat it. I then immediately start masturbating again. After I become erect again I start squirting what semen I have left almost immediately. I have never produced a lot of semen though.
  8. I have what I guess is a borderline micro penis. My erect length is 3” and my erect girth is around 3.25”, or so. My flaccid size varies between 1” and around 1.5”. I have small testicles as well. And while I do wish my erection were bigger I would not necessarily want huge one. Being just small average would be fine with me. If I could add perhaps 2” in length and even just an inch in girth to my erect size I would be content and not nearly as embarrassed to be seen naked as I am.
  9. @scottwatson Hi Scott. Are you addressing your comment to me? If so, I am almost 6’ tall and weigh around 150 lbs. or so. Losing weight is not something I really need to do, lol. Like Bob Seger sang in his song ‘Night Moves’ ... “a little too tall, coulda’, used a few pounds”. Seger was referring to his g/f but that certainly could apply to me as well. Thanks for your advice anyway. It’s appreciated.
  10. Small and frustrated? I’m certainly small but I’m pretty sure my wife is more frustrated about it than even I am.
  11. I didn’t get the first signs that puberty had actually started for me until I was pretty much sixteen years old. My penis was probably as big as it was ever going to get when I was around twenty, maybe twenty-one years old. I think.
  12. @canuck45 I would never criticize anyone for peeking at my penis, or for that matter even staring at it if given the opportunity in a public shower room or rest room situation. I understand that it’s pretty much a novelty, lol. Having said all that I do however try to limit my in person exposure. As I mentioned previously I just cannot seem to overcome my being so very self conscious about it.
  13. I remember being very surprised as well as being very confused the first time I saw an uncircumcised penis. I saw it up close. I had not turned twelve yet. He was fifteen, I think. Not only was his the largest penis I had ever seen up until that time he also had pubic hair. I had never even heard about uncircumcised penises before much less seen one, hence my confusion. I remember thinking that there was a LOT of extra skin on his thing. After him giving me a brief explanation I was instructed to get on with the task at hand, lol.
  14. Since I first became aware, as a young boy, that my penis and testicles were a lot smaller than other boys around my age I have been terribly shy and self conscious about exposing them for others to see in locker room type situations.That feeling has followed me into adulthood. I just cannot seem to overcome it. So, I’m certainly no ‘pioneer’ when it comes to being comfortable about putting my penis on display for others to view, lol. I will however admit that I do enjoy discretely sneaking peaks at others, if the opportunity presents itself. Does that make me a hypocrite? I hope not.
  15. All of the few boys I had sex with when I was a young boy had much larger penises and testicles than I had. One friend was my age and the other boy was a few years or so older. The older boy was MUCH larger. They often would make snide comments to me about how tiny my thing was. I got use to it though and would even acknowledge it when they said those things. I would just say “I know” and pretend it didn’t bother me. It actually didn’t bother me after awhile.
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