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  1. Hair on head: 100% grey and white Hair on face: 100% grey and white Pubic hair: 100% grey and white By the way my wife's head hair is medium brown with a few strands of grey as well as her pussy, she is 65.
  2. That maybe true. But what I meant to say is that myself and none of my friends ever mentioned stuffing those many years ago.
  3. No I never did pump up my package. Never even occurred to me to do so.
  4. I have found camming to be fun at times. I also have not done this for quite sometime. Some like to watch and others leave the room if they see a cam being used.
  5. Now they definitely should not be hidden. She has awesome breasts. He has a nice penis too.
  6. @Restoredude Great photo. But that will not cover your erect cock.
  7. I agree completely with your post. I would not change a thing about my cock. The only thing that has changed for me is at 68 I can not have as many orgasms' but can still have erections every day.
  8. Then no I have never ejaculated when my penis is completely flaccid.
  9. Yes as we all know you do not have to have be fully erect to ejaculate. That being said yes I have cum when not fully erect. Feels about the same. Usually happens when I have been edging for quite sometime. Going a bit to far and have a small amount of semen leak out of my cock.
  10. I would have to agree nice cock pics.
  11. Same here just would like to be a bit larger flaccid.
  12. No actual physical shrinkage of my flaccid or erect penis yet at 68. Of course it shrinks somewhat with cold water or cold temps. which is completely natural.
  13. I doubt if she is still around . Last visited this site. March 2006. LAST VISITED March 8, 2006
  14. All of our bodies react differently to the ageing process. My orgasms are just as intense as when I was younger just not able to have as many.
  15. Oh how I miss the days of orgasms on demand. Always envious of my wifes ability to have 5 or 6 orgasms in a row when we were sexually active. Then recover and have a few more minutes later. Intercourse 2 or 3 times in a hour. These days 2 or 3 a week orgasms' are the norm. Never more than one in a day.
  16. Yes I agree one of my favorites also. Loved to watch her breasts jiggle while thrusting hard.
  17. Hi Amy, I would say my penis reached its full size at 18 or 19. My best educated guess.
  18. Interesting story. Did Mary enjoy intercourse with the condom? I have never had sex using a condom. Out of curiosity I have masturbated with a condom a few times. I never paid any attention to the extra length of a condom. Just rolled it on my stiff cock and stroked to orgasm. When I had my vasectomy to bring to the Doctor a semen sample my wife would give me a hand job and we used a condom to contain the sample.
  19. Nice photos of your flaccid penis. Reminds me of my own when soft.
  20. I think we are going to have to meet someday and fulfill both of our oral fantasies. lol.
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