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  1. I doubt if she is still around . Last visited this site. March 2006. LAST VISITED March 8, 2006
  2. Having my dick sucked to a toe curling orgasm and having my cum swallowed.
  3. All of our bodies react differently to the ageing process. My orgasms are just as intense as when I was younger just not able to have as many.
  4. Oh how I miss the days of orgasms on demand. Always envious of my wifes ability to have 5 or 6 orgasms in a row when we were sexually active. Then recover and have a few more minutes later. Intercourse 2 or 3 times in a hour. These days 2 or 3 a week orgasms' are the norm. Never more than one in a day.
  5. Yes I agree one of my favorites also. Loved to watch her breasts jiggle while thrusting hard.
  6. Hi Amy, I would say my penis reached its full size at 18 or 19. My best educated guess.
  7. Interesting story. Did Mary enjoy intercourse with the condom? I have never had sex using a condom. Out of curiosity I have masturbated with a condom a few times. I never paid any attention to the extra length of a condom. Just rolled it on my stiff cock and stroked to orgasm. When I had my vasectomy to bring to the Doctor a semen sample my wife would give me a hand job and we used a condom to contain the sample.
  8. Nice photos of your flaccid penis. Reminds me of my own when soft.
  9. I think we are going to have to meet someday and fulfill both of our oral fantasies. lol.
  10. Yes I would let you watch.
  11. I agree he has a very nice penis. Would love to give him a hand job and watch the semen shoot from that nice cock.
  12. I might have posed nude in my younger days but at 67 most likely not. Now if everyone in the room was also nude maybe. lol.
  13. I remember as a young teen looking at the Sears catalog bra and panties section. lol
  14. My flaccid size is like your last link most of the time. Cold temps will make it smaller. That being said I do grow when erect to 6 inches in length and 5.75 inches in girth. I have never liked my flaccid size which is stupid as nothing can change it.
  15. Most likely not but my cock is the same shade as the rest of my skin.
  16. My friends and I grew up using cock and penis. I use the same words to this day. Always have had doctors use penis which is what you would expect.
  17. I never claimed to be a gentleman.
  18. Believe me they are absolutely beautiful breasts.
  19. No my scrotum does not allow my testicles to bounce up and down while receiving a hand job. Always tight to my body when I have a erection even in the heat. What a arousing story. You may want to keep Mary around such a sexy woman. Very nice breasts also. Gives me an erection just looking at them.
  20. This time I suspect my wife would have been embarrassed but not me. It was her older sister. Embarrassed that she had left me with a raging erection. I have mentioned this before: One morning many years ago my wife and I were having sex. Foreplay was great wife had several orgasms and just as I was about to enter her warm vagina I heard a car pull up to our house. Wife was on top so she was able to get out of bed quickly and into her clothes to answer the door. I was still laying in bed naked with my cock still hard. Just then my sister in-law looks into our bedroom window. I cold s
  21. I do have a very good immune system now I know why.
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