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  1. thanks, y'all. sad that we're in the same boat, but glad to hear we all love our ladies just the same.
  2. Honest comments are welcome! [Photo moved to gallery]
  3. I'm a married man whose wife went through the change and has had zero desire for sex for years. As a result the most pleasure I get is with my hand or, if I'm lucky, with another guy who wants to masturbate with me (very, very rare). Is anyone else in the same boat? If so, I'd like to hear what you do to ease the sexual frustration.
  4. Admin. Note: @fiveinchsmitty posted a naked self pic here. Naked photos are not permitted in the forums, only in the Gallery. His photo has been moved to an album with the same name as his Username in the "Member Naked Pics & Clips" section of the Gallery. SOS Subscribers can see it HERE.
  5. And i would have let you! probably would've lent you a hand, too!
  6. I normally jerk off in the garage with the door wide open. I've been seen a few times and loved it!
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