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  1. @mypenisisfivepointfive Is the lack of use due, do you think, to something along the lines of feeling embarrassed about being seen and judged to be too small or whatever, or not wanting to be thought of as exhibitionistic or something along those lines? Seems like either one could explain the open spots at that central urinal. Just curious, but intriguing post, thx.
  2. That is hot. Thanks for providing that heavily erotic imagery. I never was in the Navy, but seems like I missed sumpthin' good! ha
  3. Hi. All of the other tales make me want to travel to where THOSE urinals are, ha. I guess my own least private probably would be one of the troughs, such as a couple of others described, at a stadium. Staring straight ahead instead of ogling left and right and trying to see every cock I could was ever only a partially successful effort. I sure do love the idea of that roundabout thing, wow. NICE. And, good topic, btw!
  4. I never use the fly, always pull down the elastic band below my penis then try to pull out as much of my penis as I can, depending on how withdrawn it might be and if anyone is close enough to watch. And I always hope I am being watched. And that they like what they see ( tee hee ...please? watch me peepee?? )
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