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  1. I was 14. My Friend told me to try Going to school commando. The next day i went to school in commando wearing grey jogging... Age the Time my Soft penis was 6". A Girl comment "you have a boner" it turned me on because i knew i was Soft but because of my size she thought a was hard... So i got hard. I was 5'4" and i had a big 8" long and 6" thick penis pointing straight Up in my pants.
  2. I have a pretty large penis 8" soft and 11.5" erect so yes having 8" of meat hanging between your leg is nice but sometimes uncofrtable
  3. My penis is 8" soft and 11.5" when erected... i know this is oversized so most of people assume that I am erect but no
  4. the first time i have mesure my penis i was 12 and i was 6". today im 18 and 11.4". it was nice to see that years after years i could put more hand on my dick
  5. At 13, I was 5.7 ". I was bigger than my friends. One evening, one of my friends came to sleep at my house. I saw him in underwear before going to bed. He had a small penis around 2 ". His penis was not long enough to descend to his balls. When he saw my bulge he asked me why I was this size. I was 4 "soft. I became 8 "at 16. Difficult to hide an erection. I know that 8" is already huge but god was not done with me. today im 18 and i am 11.3 "erect and 5.5-6" soft.
  6. I am 18 years old and my brother is 15 years old. Our family is above average but I am much bigger than him erect. but flaccid I am 5.5-6 "while he is 6".
  7. I'm 18 and my brother is 15. I am 11.3" erect (i know this is unusual), my brother is 7"
  8. I will not complain about my size, I'm not dumb. I remember when I was 16 years old and my brother 17 years old, I was 8.3 "whereas he was 7.7"
  9. I am aware that here I am not really talking about small sizes. As I already said, my family is nudist. So it's easy for us to see penis sizes. I was 17 years old and he was 14 years old and we were talking with our older brother, he was 23 years old. At one point, the oldest said some things like "It's marant, he's two years younger but his penis is bigger than yours, I did not believe it, it seemed to be both about 5.5 soft. The pride took over and we measured. I was at 5.5 and he was 5.7. I know I'm not small. But having the lowest proportion of age on the soft hurts the pride. (sorry for the mistakes, i'm using google translate)
  10. My family and I are going camping in a nudist camp. Once, when I was 13, my cousin came with us and I saw them naked for the first time. At the time, I had already noticed that my family had bigger penises than average. At 13 I was already at 5.7 erect and 4 soft. When we arrived, we undressed and saw my 16 year old cousin. It was around 6.5. I was really impressed, especially since he was as tall as me (5'4). But I managed to relativize because I was surrounded by big penises. But taking age into account, it's the biggest soft penis I've seen. But all ages combined, it remains my father with 7.7 according to what I have heard and seen.
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