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  1. After multiple fails, finally got it to work. Seems to run smoothly and a great interface. A few glitches here and there that mostly corrected themselves. The video quality is excellent. So, Edge and Firefox failed for me - winner is Chrome. Theme set to IPS Infraskew. Turned off VPN. Nice to be back in business here, I'm sure the other platforms will get fixed ultimately -happy to have access again. Thanks @JTT and @RodEnuf for your diligence!
  2. I did see some of the elements earlier in the week but now the screen is blank for me.
  3. I read in one article (so much on the subject) that the last update of Flash had it built in to turn off playing content on 1/12/2021. I'm thinking if you didn't install that update the content would still work. Ted great tip on Linux! Probably will wait for the new one at this point. See you all back there soon!
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