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  1. I had a funny thought after reading about Schrodinger's cat. If you are not familiar with this thought experiment, then I will try to explain it. There is a box and in it is a cat, a flask of poisonous gas, a radioactive material, a hammer, and a Geiger counter. If the Geiger counter, detects any radioactivity then the hammer would smash the flask thus releasing the gas and killing the cat. Now the idea is that the cat is alive and dead at the same time. You only know the outcome if you open the box. My funny thought is when you are looking at a man, you don't know if he is cut or uncut.
  2. I did wish I have a few more inches. Being Asian, I would always get tease that I have a small cock. I would feel that people would judge and automatically assume I have a tiny cock. Watching porn, I would see those big dicks and would want one. It hurt my self esteem for years. When I started to date my current girlfriend (which is my first girlfriend) I was hesitant to have sex with her. I know she had past relationships and she have told me about them. I kept telling her that I was not ready because at the time I was a virgin and would kept telling her no. We were taking things
  3. I can't just say what is the favorite thing about my cock. There a lot that I love about my cock. I love that my dick is a dark brown and the color of my dick stands out from the rest of my body. My body is a light yellow(because I'm Korean). I love that I'm circumcised and my girl loves that I'm circumcised too. All of her previous boyfriends were uncut and she did not like foreskin, so she was realized that I was circumcised. The scar looks sweet and makes me feel like my cock was in a fight and got a scar from it. I do love my size, 4.5 inches and my girlfriends loves my size too. S
  4. My girlfriend loves to suck my dick and because of my size she is able to put all of my dick in her mouth. She never like to suck her past boyfriends because they were all to large and made her gag. They would try to make her suck more than she could and it was not enjoyable for her. That is one of the benefit of having a small dick, it is easier to get deep throat.
  5. The only other person to have measured me, is my girlfriend. We were talking about penis sizes and I told her that I was below average. She did not believe me and I told her to get the tape measure and she measure me. I'm the smallest she has been with, but my size is her favorite. Her past boyfriends were too big for her and sex was not enjoyable for her. It was good for her to know my size because when we went to an adult store she know exactly what size dildo to buy.
  6. I have only been with one woman, my current girlfriend and she loves my size. Being 4.5 inches hard, I was always afraid to date. I was too afraid of being rejected because of my size. One day I realized that I could not doing anything about my size and just accepted it. I got some of confidence from accepting my size and ask her out. She was relieved that I was on the short size. She really did not enjoy sex with her past boyfriends. I have ask her about her previous boyfriends, which were all larger than me. One was little more than double my size. Sex can sometimes be a challenge b
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