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  1. Yes, probably she is. But I wouldn't think the within half an inch comment is 100% reliable as it depends if the other 12 all gave their exact measurements, or if she's guessing a bit. She probably couldn't give a fuck exactly where you are on the list and doesn't like being asked about it though. That's just a guess, but I think while many or most women know it's common and even normal for a man to be obsessed or insecure about his size, not so many want to have to deal with these feelings directly. Could be wrong, that's been my experience of it though.
  2. There is absolutely no way I could go nude with my wife's parents. Way too traumatic, completely unthinkable. No problem with her sister and whoever she was seeing at the time, done that a few times, totally ok with it even when she blatantly took a detour to check out my stuff after I'd been swimming in the sea one new year when there was ice on the ground. But her parents no fucking way!!! Guess I've got some sort of complex lol
  3. I agree with this but am another person stuck with an obsessive mindset. I've got to the point where I'd like to change it. Anyone got recommendations for how? I know there's 30 plus years of CBT and related stuff, but I'm a bit concerned about investing in something that I don't know will work. Suggestions welcome, apologies for stealing the thread but they should also apply to the OP.
  4. In my case it was done by 14, maybe even 13 but that's guessing really.
  5. @TinyJock One thing I do regret is never having openly acknowledged the cock hierarchy between us, because I was too afraid of the inevitable defeat. Looking back I think it would have done us both good to have faced up to it.
  6. I would definitely prefer my erect penis to be smaller. There's not so much to it when it's limp but I'd like that to be shorter too. I just like small dicks and would prefer to have one myself. I wouldn't say I was envious though - for a long time I had a lot of anxiety that my dick was small and came to perceive myself as someone with a relatively small one. But small dicks always fascinated me. I always felt strangely in awe of anyone who could be naked in front of other people, whose dick was obviously small and who didn't seem bothered by that fact. Whereas I was always too ashamed t
  7. @6INCHES66 It's hard to know how far my ball size has to do with any of that, I've only ever had the one pair and the size hasn't varied much! I am quite physically timid though, and don't really like PIV sex that much - mainly I do it to keep my girlfriend happy.
  8. @Nillywilly I would take a guess that it's not known and it's total speculation.
  9. Personal anecdote: I have small balls which apparently don't produce much fluid, as was confirmed by a nurse in a fertility clinic who asked if I'd missed the cup they'd asked me to wank into. She looked quite embarrassed when I confirmed I hadn't. I wasn't too impressed with her diplomacy skills as my girlfriend was also there and the nurse obviously wasn't expecting me to answer truthfully, or just couldn't believe anyone could produce so little. I was probably the least embarrassed of all of us there. Don't know why exactly, must be used to it!
  10. I'm in the category of wishing I had a smaller penis. The reason being, my dad and brother both had bigger ones than me, and I came to identify myself as having a small penis as a result. Sounds a bit ridiculous but I just want other people - my girlfriend in particular - to see me the way I see myself. Wouldn't want it to be tiny, just shorter than it is so there was little chance of ever being told it's big.
  11. So true. I shared a bedroom with my brother, who had a bigger penis than me as did my dad. In other ways, physically we were similar. I never accepted it openly and have never been able to get past the secret feelings of inferiority and self contempt.
  12. My brother had a large and beautiful penis. Once I realized mine would never match his, I developed secret feelings of shame and inadequacy which lasted for years. We used to share a room but I always took care to keep my penis hidden. I shouldn't have bothered, should have just faced up to the fact of being smaller, but didn't. Outwardly everyone thought I was the dominant brother and I think he even felt that too. Inwardly I knew it wasn't true and it might have helped us both if I'd have faced up to that and shared it, instead of hiding away. It doesn't matter to me how my dick co
  13. I felt robbed in a slightly different way. I grew alright, younger than most in my year at school and for a while was aware of admiring glances and even comments. My older brother was BIG and I confidently expected to go the same way. By the age of about 15 I began to realise this wasn't happening. Also at school, I wasn't big any more. Cue anxiety, self hatred, shame. The irony of it is that my dick is actually quite big, at least when it's erect. In my mind, though, it isn't and never will be. I actually wish it was a bit smaller so I wouldn't have this mismatch going on always. W
  14. For complicated reasons, I would like my penis to be shorter. At least, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about it being shorter (about 5.5 inches) because I feel that would be more in accordance with the way I experience myself and my penis. The full reasons for that are a long story, but the basic gist is that having a smaller dick than my brother, and sharing a room until I was 19, gave me a size complex even though my penis is actually a decent size. Maybe if it was actually the size I wish it was, I'd spend just as much wasted time in wishing it was longer! On other guys I like
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