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  1. Anyone here won the lottery since the question was raised all those years ago?
  2. Strangely enough I have no recollection at all of the first time I measured - strange because my size has been an obsession since I was about 14 or so. All I know for certain is that as a kid I had no real interest in it, and by the time I started measuring it was fully grown. I think though I felt measuring was basically pointless - it was obviously smaller than my brother's and I didn't care about the details apart from that.
  3. That's pretty rough. Did it get any better as time went on? For me at least I realised that actually I like small dicks and all the superiority stuff was just basically me being a dickhead!
  4. @lean: Unfortunately in my case it gave me a bit of a superiority complex for a while, which came back on me when I realised that although my brother and dad were big, I really wasn't. That was something I took way too seriously for a long time, like it was a fate worse than death or something!
  5. 6 inch girth doesn't sound anywhere near average to me. Well maybe near it, just a lot bigger! I hope you continue to enjoy both the original and the replica. Do you have any plans to reciprocate the present for next year?
  6. If advice is any use, I'd say you might as well try to enjoy the things you can do - the intimacy and sensuality - and not worry so much about the penetrative stuff. By all means try to resolve it but don't make it into something you always see as an essential missing piece if it doesn't work out. Long term obsessing over real or perceived inadequacies can be corrosive to relationships and usually is.
  7. Ok so just about a year in between the first post and update. If you're still in the same relationship it's quite possible your partner is basically ok with it ... there are other possibilities but that's one of them. As someone who has been in a similar situation, though not for quite as long, it was basically down to anxiety and resolved in time. Partly this happened by accepting that I was basically useless at penetrative sex. This was a painful process but at the time undeniable. From that point onward the stress and pressure reduced and in time the PE just went away, more or less. It
  8. Sounds like your brother wasn't too happy about being smaller than his little cousins and took it out on you.
  9. Just to add as it's too late to edit, and as I've said in other posts, the negative stuff was how I felt then, and into my 20s. Since then I've come to realise I actually like being smaller than I thought I'd to be. Would have preferred to have grown a bit less tbh.
  10. Mine started young compared to others around me but was all done early as well. So from 11-13 years or so I thought I was big then began to notice others had caught up and in many cases left me behind. Plus I was still smaller than my brother and dad, when I'd assumed I was on track to be the same size. Kept hoping for another bout of growth, for years, but it didn't happen. Gutted.
  11. I know I'm 10 years late on this, but I still wouldn't recommend trying different condoms on in store 😲
  12. Yes, probably she is. But I wouldn't think the within half an inch comment is 100% reliable as it depends if the other 12 all gave their exact measurements, or if she's guessing a bit. She probably couldn't give a fuck exactly where you are on the list and doesn't like being asked about it though. That's just a guess, but I think while many or most women know it's common and even normal for a man to be obsessed or insecure about his size, not so many want to have to deal with these feelings directly. Could be wrong, that's been my experience of it though.
  13. There is absolutely no way I could go nude with my wife's parents. Way too traumatic, completely unthinkable. No problem with her sister and whoever she was seeing at the time, done that a few times, totally ok with it even when she blatantly took a detour to check out my stuff after I'd been swimming in the sea one new year when there was ice on the ground. But her parents no fucking way!!! Guess I've got some sort of complex lol
  14. I agree with this but am another person stuck with an obsessive mindset. I've got to the point where I'd like to change it. Anyone got recommendations for how? I know there's 30 plus years of CBT and related stuff, but I'm a bit concerned about investing in something that I don't know will work. Suggestions welcome, apologies for stealing the thread but they should also apply to the OP.
  15. In my case it was done by 14, maybe even 13 but that's guessing really.
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