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  1. All these data supports my theory: the most common dick size in the world is below the world-average size ('cause it isn't the same thing).
  2. For a long time in my life my best erection was 5.75" BPL, after almost a decade of (undisciplined) jelqing I have reached a solid 6.5" BPL. In my previous size, most women could comfortably swallow all my cock into their mouths and I could feel the tip touching the entrance of their throat. At my current size, most women can swallow my entire cock just for a few seconds before they start gagging or feel short of breath, and some of them just can handle a 3/4 of my length (I have no idea how really BIG men, or women or men with a really brave mouth, do this.) However, the real proble
  3. This tendency is true, but sexuality is SO complicated that it is not the only way things work.
  4. There are more grammatical errors in my post than that, I usually spot them when it is no longer possible for the user to edit the post. And yes, English is not my mother tongue (if you think english pronouns and tenses are confusing, you should try spanish as a second language).
  5. Thanks! but I'm not sorry about that. From that event I have learned a lot about myself, about others and about the dynamics that govern social ties. Once I see the larger picture (no pun intended) I became a much stronger, confident and resourceful person. I think people like you and I shouldn't have had such anxieties, others have much more objective reasons to feel that way, but it's still difficult to deal with people's perception.
  6. At my 6.5" long (with a 5.25" girth) I've heard strinkingly opposite things about my cock. Here are the two more extreme examples: Two years ago I was with a petite asian girl (not trying to patronize here, but yes, she was asian and small, and I think even a bit smaller than the average asian girl). Her cunt was so tight and tiny that I easily reached her cervix while she was fully aroused and wet, and with almost an inch of my cock still out (I'm used to reach the cervix of some women during penetration, not all of them, and always pushing my penis to the limit). In the after-s
  7. I think it's ok you call it whatever term make the psychological difference for you. In my case, those terms have different meanings. An example: Taking into account this set of numbers: [3, 4, 4, 4, 6, 9] We can say the more "common" number in the set is 4, but the "average" of that group of numbers is 5 ([3+4+4+4+6+9]÷6=5). So, it's perfectly possible the more common dick size around the world is below the world average dick size.
  8. By your numbers, I think you're clearly above average when fully erect.
  9. Well, I'm 6.5" at my very best and have a 5.25" girth. I'm a man in the lucky side of the average range (or slightly above average, depending what is average for you), but I don't think I'm big; and I have dated and/or have had sex with women of all possible breast sizes and shapes, from tiny tits with hard marshmallow nipples to huge-as-my-head boobs with fluffy aureolas. I don't even consider breast size when I start flirting with a girl. All breast sizes are good for me because each different size has its own charm... but I must admit small tits makes me so f***ing horny.
  10. @Triasco9.5 : I'll not insist in the things we highly or mildly agree; but I insist in the hierarchical nature of the universe, you can remove humankind from the universe and the universe will keep structuring things the same way it does: smaller objects are attracted by bigger objects by gravity, big fish eats small fish, the higher in the periodic table an element are the more energy a star consumes to produce it, etc, etc, and this are just a few and very simplistic examples of all the ways hierarchy manifest. Of course, compassion, love, reason, understanding are ways to avoid the unethica
  11. @Triasco9.5: 1. Nope, when I said "the universe" I mean "the universe". Hierarchy is one of the most powerful ways in which the phenomenon called entropy shapes reality... and human societies and cultures are just examples of structures in which it manifests in one way or another. 2. I agree people sometimes need to hear "It's not your fault" (this has a palliative effect), but it's also true a lot of times people need to hear "This is reality. Be prepared. You can do it" (this has a preventive effect). If you can prevent something, you'll not be even need to palliate it. 3. S
  12. Thing is I agree there is no way of ethically justify that kind of mockery (we're discovering hot water here). Yes, we know that, but that's the universe we live in... and this is a hierarchical universe... that characteristic of nature manifest in everything, and is better to overcome it and find ways to manage it and creativily overcome our limitations (there are many kind of limitations). (Not everyone can have anything all the time, but in this transactional culture almost anything is momentarily available for anyone... at some price) Yes, there's friendship, there's love, there'
  13. @pokerpro831 Well, but you have your technique and you do your job. Don't start apologizing for the way you do your job, and if others make a commentary about the way you move then you just say "Yeah, that's the way I do" and lead the conversation to other topics.
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