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  1. Yup...I wish I knew how it felt to swing around a really big soft dick. Like one of those guys you see in a locker room and it hits their legs when they walk. Or even just what it feels like to hang down. Even with a semi mine doesn't go past my balls
  2. Glad that one guy posted the link to the calcsd calculator. I'm too small for the Mr Average web site LOL LENGTH 2.5" <0.01% In a room of 1000 guys, 1000 would be bigger than you. GIRTH 3.25" 0.53% In a room of 1000 guys, 995 would be bigger than you. FLACCID 1" <0.01% In a room of 1000 guys, 1000 would be bigger than you. Glad I beat out at least a few guys for girth LOL but it's been a while since I measured girth and I have no idea if it's accurate. Too scared to do it again
  3. @lloydbaker true...I guess I'm just trying to play it down so the comments don't stick. At least my brother who is the most well endowed doesn't bring it up. But the other brothers do
  4. Yup...it fucking sucks. Even just knowing that you're the smallest messes with you and it's even worse when they joke or laugh about it even if they aren't trying to be malicious about it...
  5. Height: hair under 6'5 Weight: 225 lbs Flaccid length: hair under 1 inch Erect length: 2.5 inches
  6. Guys...I did it. We got together yesterday. There were probably like 12 women and 2 men in the group. When I stripped off nobody reacted in a weird way and even my friend who brought me was really nice and didn't treat me any different afterwards. They brought in a friend of theirs who helped guide them in how to draw the body and when she talked about 'any sensitive areas' she said people were free to draw it accurately or to cover it up if they felt more comfortable. It was only a couple of hours so most people could only sketch the top half but I think three did get to the bottom half. One
  7. No way no how...any chick i've been with has already found it unsatisfying...why make it worse? I only saw a guy that was smaller than me once in my life...2.5" hard is unpleasant...can't imagine 2 inches or less... That's always the most embarrassing for me, when you realize another guy's cock head is bigger than your whole cock...
  8. Thanks for the input all...I've read all the posts here and in the linked thread and thought about it some more and I'm gonna do it. My friend says that they've done this once before two years ago and everyone was really nice to the models and no phone camera pics were allowed. From the first time we talked about it I got the impression that this was the first time but apparently my friend just forgot to mention it. That makes it easier. I'll post an update here afterwards if people are interested
  9. I have a friend that has a group of acquaintances and coworkers that does artsy stuff together once a month. Sometimes they went to museums and other times they would bring in a pro and do something hands on together. They've been working from home and had to shift to online meetups but they might go back in person soon. Most of them are women but not all. Anyway she mentioned that once they go back one thing they have really wanted to do is to have a session where they paint a nude model and since I was so tall and muscular (her words! lol) that I would be the perfect fit. Of course my small
  10. @Triasco9.5 Thanks for the kind words man...I agree. If he ever contacts me and tells me that he feels bad about it and apologizes I'll let it go but as it stands it's better to just forget it and move on
  11. It's happened a lot with people who aren't friends...like family or in laws or coworkers but only once with a friend. I was on a trip to Germany and met up with a friend who moved to France years ago. We stayed at a hostel with open showers. We are very similar in appearance...I'm 6'5 and he's 6'4...I'm blonde and he has dirty blonde hair...I'm pretty built and he was starting to get in shape. But when we undressed it was totally different down there. My one incher versus his cock that was probably about four inches and very thick. I have a more dominant personality anyway but after this showe
  12. Yep...I know that too well from being on the swim team, going to the beach or swimming in the pools for many years. Mine shrinks up to a half inch with exercise or fully with cold water and swimming. I wonder if some men shrink more than others...for example I saw this one guy at a Korean spa that walked out of the "arctic bath" with a shriveled dick...it must've been around 2 inches and very thin. But I saw him later that day and he was hanging very nicely...my guess is 4 inches. On the other hand once I was at a nude beach and there was a guy who was in the water for a while and when he came
  13. Yeah I think I was okay with it only because I was so young (freshman in HS so probably 14 when I first joined). But by the end of the year after being in a speedo in front of other people and especially next to other guys with much bigger bulges I felt too embarrassed by the whole scenario so I switched to another sport (soccer).
  14. Speedo. We had to wear them which was one of the big reasons I left the swim team after that year
  15. Probably the most embarrassing was with morning wood. I was staying with my uncle and two cousins for a weekend. For some dumb reason I went to bed in pj's but no underwear underneath. I woke up the next morning to my younger cousin shaking me awake and saying something about me needing to help my uncle. Once I started waking up I noticed him do a double take at my crotch before he walked out. I was still lying down so I lifted my head and sure enough my boner was sticking through the button fly. I covered up immediately and my cousin didn't say anything else the rest of the day. But the next
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