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  1. As a guy who's 6'5 with a 1 inch soft size and 2.5 inches hard size...I would happily trade!!
  2. I'm only 1 inch flaccid...on a GOOD day. I've never been 'floppy' LOL. But back to the original question...I guess lots of moments stick out but the one that does the most was a morning at the gym when the hot water ran out. It was cold outside but I had to shower before work so in I went. Probably the worst shriveling in my life and I was completely retracted with just a little bit of foreskin visible on top of my very small balls which were pulled right up to my body even worse than usual. I was showering in the stall and when I stepped out there was a coworker of mine walking by. He to
  3. Very sad. There is a lot of talking about how body shaming is bad but this is still acceptable somehow...
  4. Interesting video...do nude weigh ins like this still happen in wresting? I did showers after sports in school and of course we were all nude but a weigh in seems like a whole different ball game...
  5. @Italianwrestler I have a pretty dominant personality so it was a weird experience and usually I don't have that happen. That one time sticks out because it was so weird...most of my friends have never made comments like that in front of a chick I was trying to get with. I think being taller and stronger than most of my friends helps though LOL
  6. No reason to get hard but I've been nude in front of other people before...I guess I was more nervous than anything and I bet I shrunk a little because of that LOL
  7. Yup volume is so important...even next to other small guys I look tiny because my dick is also very thin
  8. Yup...I wish I knew how it felt to swing around a really big soft dick. Like one of those guys you see in a locker room and it hits their legs when they walk. Or even just what it feels like to hang down. Even with a semi mine doesn't go past my balls
  9. Glad that one guy posted the link to the calcsd calculator. I'm too small for the Mr Average web site LOL LENGTH 2.5" <0.01% In a room of 1000 guys, 1000 would be bigger than you. GIRTH 3.25" 0.53% In a room of 1000 guys, 995 would be bigger than you. FLACCID 1" <0.01% In a room of 1000 guys, 1000 would be bigger than you. Glad I beat out at least a few guys for girth LOL but it's been a while since I measured girth and I have no idea if it's accurate. Too scared to do it again
  10. @lloydbaker true...I guess I'm just trying to play it down so the comments don't stick. At least my brother who is the most well endowed doesn't bring it up. But the other brothers do
  11. Yup...it fucking sucks. Even just knowing that you're the smallest messes with you and it's even worse when they joke or laugh about it even if they aren't trying to be malicious about it...
  12. Height: hair under 6'5 Weight: 225 lbs Flaccid length: hair under 1 inch Erect length: 2.5 inches
  13. Guys...I did it. We got together yesterday. There were probably like 12 women and 2 men in the group. When I stripped off nobody reacted in a weird way and even my friend who brought me was really nice and didn't treat me any different afterwards. They brought in a friend of theirs who helped guide them in how to draw the body and when she talked about 'any sensitive areas' she said people were free to draw it accurately or to cover it up if they felt more comfortable. It was only a couple of hours so most people could only sketch the top half but I think three did get to the bottom half. One
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