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  1. I couldn't tell you when my penis started growing nor can I tell you when I stopped growing. That is because I never gave much thought to penis length. Mine was what it was and I never had any doubt that I could have good sex with it. it wasn't until 5 years ago when I considered removing my glans that I gave it any thought. Strangely I always felt I preferred having a smaller penis as I always like smaller things in general over larger. So at that point I was curious how much length I would loose without a glans so I took a before measurement. I started off just under 5 inches erect and am no
  2. I'm confused....... It seems like the common theme in all of the threads I read on this site relates sexual enjoyment to physical sexual stimulation. That is, a small penis or a large vagina relates to little or no physical sexual stimulation that relates directly to the degree of sexual enjoyment. I never hear much about mental sexual stimulation and how if one is highly mentally sexually stimulated very little physical sexual stimulation will be necessary. I (and others) have actually had orgasms from solely mental sexual stimulation. It just seems to me that if someone is having diffic
  3. Most animals I have seen are also retracted most of the time and don't have a penis flopping around.
  4. I have taken the time to read reviews on women's panties and have been surprised how many guys wear and review them due to the comfort and abundance of styles, fabrics and colors available. I always loved wearing thongs but hated the fit and fabric of men's. Being small genital wise, female panties fit me perfectly. I also prefer to wear women's shorts around the house as they are way more comfortable than any mens shorts I have worn. Men's styles have gone to long legs that touch the knee and defeat the purpose of wearing shorts. Almost all of women's shorts are cut shorter.
  5. @smallgrower - Mine fully retracts also and only about ½ inch of shaft skin sticks out and I love that it does. The majority of the time I don't need a penis hanging out of my body and getting in the way and I am not interested in putting on a show for anyone. The penis retracts for a good reason when flaccid and that is a good thing. Be thankful you don't have one hanging out all day and it is protected inside your body. As long as it extends when you need it all is good.
  6. I suspect that if you were a small store owner (and had to put up with this sort of thing happening several times a day) you would feel differently. You also may very well be trying to keep the doors open and keep your children from starving. Despite that, I'm sure if she needed help and was sincere about her need there are plenty of people who would help if she just asked. Just look at the outpouring of help during the 911 terrorist attack. It is certainly rational (and not just an emotional response) to help someone who is down and out get back on their feet as we are all in this life t
  7. Triasco9.5, RAized, canuck - These are all valid points. canuck45 spells this out clearly with his words "we wouldn't have so many counsellors, psychologists"! This is something I am realizing more and more each year. Most people in the world are really screwed up. I believe the use of drugs since the 60s by so many people hasn't helped one bit. People spend most of their awake hours in a fake reality. Unfortunately, though the problem goes even deeper and is the reason people are willing to take drugs in the first place. They are incapable of facing reality. Unfortunately we are not
  8. Maybe... but it wasn't meant to be. I never considered myself anything but 'normal' in my ability to understand things (at any age). That is why I have a hard time appreciating why guys with similar experiences to mine turned out being insecure. To make matters worse, many of those guys have larger penises than I do. When I hear some of the stories I can't help but want to shout out "stop that, there is nothing wrong with you, there is no reason to feel like that"! Unfortunately, as long as people keep making excuses for the way they are or keep blaming others or thinking they cannot chan
  9. @smallgrower That is exactly my point. Words themselves have no power to harm us - they are only sound waves - we have to allow them to impact us negatively. If someone makes a statement I know to be false I ignore it and go about my life. I for one believe it is wrong for anyone to laugh at, or make a negative comment about a physical characteristic of someone - if it is something they have no control over. To do so would be purposeless unless the purpose was to try to make the person feel bad. That alone would tell me a lot about that person and make their opinion meaningless to me. Even if
  10. If someone is gullible enough to believe the penis sizes they see in pornography represent the norm I would not be surprised if they also believe that the car chases and hand to hand combat scenes they see in movies are real.
  11. canuck45 - Interestingly, I don't see myself as special but as what should be 'normal'. I see others that let the reactions or scorns of others affect them as being deficient in their ability to act as they should. I believe the norm should be where a person has enough confidence in their own self worth that they don't need the recognition of others. I was taught at an early age (as I'm sure most others have) the expression. "Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words can never harm me!". But yet it makes me sick to hear so many people cry about how their lives were ruined by words spoken
  12. This isn't about sexuality! The problems guys face here regarding their penis can apply to any part of the body and any sex. People who are different in any way will always be ridiculed by others. People who are ignorant or lacking in self confidence are always going to try to make themself feel better about themself by putting down others. How one deals with their uniqueness is where the problem comes in. That is something very basic that that can be taught at an early age by a parent or educator and has nothing to do with sex education.
  13. RAized - I don't consider myself to be unusually intelligent but even when I was a kid I didn't believe the penises I saw in porn videos were the norm. I knew they used the biggest guys they could find to be able to put on a good show. I also knew that only a very small percentage of the girls I knew and saw in real life had breasts and figures like I saw in Playboy.
  14. Unfortunately (or fortunately) who we are at an early age depends a lot on our parents and how good a job they do at helping us to develop our self esteem and to have a accurate sense of reality. That means not shielding us from reality or babying us like a lot of parents do . I started off in school with a handicap as my parents just squeezed me in to school because of my age. That meant I was nearly a year younger that most kids in my class. At that age a year difference meant a lot. Despite that I was still small compared to kids my age. I was made fun of and bullied because of how short an
  15. Here we go again... Trying to put the blame on everyone else but ourselves. A person with a high level of self esteem and self worth, who it in touch with reality and is a rational thinker will not care about what anyone else has or has not or what that they think. When it comes to things one cannot change they would focus on what they have, be grateful for that, and make the very best of it. As the saying goes... If life you gives you lemons - make lemonade! A person with an accurate sense of reality understands that porn industry tries to exaggerate reality because the norm isn't very intere
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