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  1. I like tits great legs and sweet ass plus nothing beats a shaved smooth pussy
  2. My penis has always looked like a kids dick but I had regular erections and could get off but since my prostate surgery mine looks like a fury turtle or an apple on a stick
  3. I went on a big dick site and showed me small penis
  4. Mine looks like a apple on a stick  and I agree that it might be cultural 

  5. Ok then that's how I will describe it from now on thanks
  6. Well my balls had been normal But after my prostate surgery both my penis and balls shrunk but sometimes my balls are larger then my penis when it's in turtle mode all you see is my ball and my big penis head
  7. That your having sex with your wife and she like your penis
  8. Its been a long time since I had a good blow job
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