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  1. I can all so but I have ED but can cum so I have like a 1 1/2 inch cock that won't even get hard it's really seems like some one does not want me doing the nasty lol men or women don't even wait for me to get my pants down It's not like I would leave with out them being happy I can just sit in a corner somewhere and jack off I am 57 years old and still I'm embarrassed about it and cry about it
  2. I have only been able to get it up with women I did not care much about the one's I did really like and even one I loved it just wouldn't work all I could think about is she isn't going to like me
  3. I must have been around 10-12 years old I was raised in an orphanage and still not ashamed to be in the shower with the other guys yet but when I made it to Junior high I could not even play sports I would have wanted to die to be seen in the shower
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