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  1. is video chat page change or something. opened it and my log on name appears at the top now. was just wondering I sure enjoy it here. thank you again
  2. I do hope something is found sure miss it. thanks, Fred
  3. flash player like to ask info on a good way to continue without it being usable how to replace it on here and enjoy the site once more
  4. thanks for writing 

  5. @chevy1946 medical issues di rise and the same happened, she lost all desires and shut down but still a beautiful lovely lady. It was awesome back in the day
  6. @Pilgrem understand completely know something here at home
  7. @6INCHES66 O my god yes I would as well
  8. @6INCHES66 sometimes it was hard at first but looking about other advantageous to do rise
  9. been of some since I've been on old account some how would not let log in here. glad to be back

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    2. chevy1946
    3. chevy1946


      thank you this is one great place

    4. NuderThanNude


      How have you been and what have you been up to?

  10. @Allen43 nice Ya I have to pull it to the side and hope I can get it out enough to not wet the front, even like if you set down to pee is a goal to ensure you don't pee through between the seat and bowl to have it stream out the front all over your pants
  11. very true Tinyjock have enjoyed the same and the excitement that cums from it. as a mature adult still enjoy the same excitement
  12. amazing the pics of those overly large guys, tiny 4 inch is in the same boat as I am and yes it is amazing to see
  13. @JamesD at times feel like a shot glass would be like a cork in the ocean, would plenty of room inside
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