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  1. Im in a relationship for over 6 years. Everything is fine but I found out that my boyfried was bottom before we were together. The moment he saw my 4 inch dick he said he is top and this was okay for me, because I didnt know what he was. I think he just said this to me because my dick is so small. The sex was the first years good but then I realised that he is not happy at all. I asked him if I should be top, but he just said that would not work for him, so I asked if we should use toys and he said that this is not so satisfying. I dont know what to do because I cant give him what he want
  2. I was 12 and I was on a public toilet. There was a guy a few years older than me, saw my dick and said: „oh so small“ I looked at his dick and he has a really big one. So after this I searched in the internet and saw that I had a small one. Unforfortunately my penis is the same size as I was 12 (3.9 inch)
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