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    Comparing, I love penises smaller than mine and my size and much larger into sph

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    1 inch to 1 1/2 inches
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    4 inches to 4 1/2 inches
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  1. I like being cut high and tight, I hate when I turtle and invert. I love it after I go swimming and my scrotum draws up tight and my penis shrinks down to half an inch and basically just my head is poking straight out. I wish flaccid I was just a half inch long and with a quarter inch being a more bulbous head that bulges out from a thinner shaft. So like a half a tube of chapstick with a head as wide as a dime. Hard I want to be a true micropenis. So no longer than 2.75" and a 1" diameter or 3" circumference.
  2. You know you're small when you accidentally put your thong on backwards and it still keeps you covered.
  3. O yeah, I'm a "grower" even though many guys are bigger flaccid than me hard
  4. I prefer women's panties to mens underwear. I do enjoy rocking yoga pants, booty shorts and soffee's short shorts
  5. 4.6 ci, so still bottom 4.6% in volume
  6. 1-1.5" flaccid 4"x4" in circumference hard. Cut, high and tight NC
  7. On my 21st birthday I went to a concert out of state with 6 friends. Me and my 2 best friends and these three girls. One of my friend's gf and her 2 friends that I had the hots for big time. Well in the morning after the concert I woke up with morning wood and had to go pee. When I came back from the bathroom the 3 girls were giggling nearly uncontrollably. When I got back to the bed. I finally caved in and was like, "what is so funny?" And my friend's gf said, "well uh, when you got up to go to the bathroom, your boxer fly wasn't exactly closed, and we all saw your morning wood, or more like
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