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  1. Hes probably talking about male thongs. As opposed to girls thongs
  2. One time back in high school I was doing bench presses and I was wearing some track shorts/running shorts that were very short and made of very thin material. At any rate my spotter started laughing and I racked my weight and was like, what? And he said dude I can see the bump your dick makes cause your so small that your dick is sticking straight up and you're smaller than a grape.
  3. If I'm in a communal shower scenario if I see a guy with a soft swinging dick bigger than me hard, it is likely that I will develop an involuntary a hard on. Which in high school happened a couple times and I was called out for getting a boner in the shower by someone on the football team and simultaneously got called out for not being a shower or a grower at the same time.
  4. No the vagina regains its shape and tightness, now during pregnancy they may need to cut the vigina in which case its recovery may be a trying endeavor
  5. I love having a tiny little dick. I wish I was even smaller. That being said, I would prefer to win the lottery
  6. I've had this happen with the hottest chick I ever hooked up with. After losing my v-card late at 22 which was a disaster. This girl was a friend and we are still "besties" but never tried to hook up again. On the opposite end I've gotten unintentional erections in the showers after sports when they guys were making fun of my little penis. And once when hooking up with a chick that said she hoped I was a grower and when i got hard she said not much of a grower and said this wasn't going to work.
  7. The video chat is working on my phone. Sweet!
  8. According to MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms February 1st is Measure A Penis Day. What's up my fellow E55s?
  9. I always wore tight jeans in middle school, well I started noticing that other guys were bigger than me in the locker rooms so I decided to stuff in 8th grade, after about day 3 of stuffing this girl said I never noticed a bulge before, are you stuffing your pants? I turned beat red and she figured it out and said oh my God you are stuffing.
  10. I tried stuffing. I got called out on it.
  11. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/life-is-trip/201109/size-doesnt-matter-pacific-penis-story
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