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  1. I have noticed this. I have probably lost about 1/4 inch of length somewhere between turning 40 and now.
  2. I am pretty sure that by 12 I had reached my full size. I patiently waited and watched all thru middle and high school for it to grow but al that happened was I got hairier and that made things look smaller.
  3. The first one I saw smaller than mine was my freshman year on the swim team long ago. Another boy on the team was dressing next to me, it looked like he had testicles and nothing else.
  4. I do wish I were bigger. I've wished that since I was probably 9-10 years old. Its been 35 years or so of wishing. When I was 14 I had a friend that used to jerk off with me. We never touched each other. I think I wanted that way more than he did. We used to sit and look at porn pics that he would download off of different BBS sites. He had a computer with a modem, I did not. One night we were bot pitching tents in our pants and I jokingly said we should just drop our pants and do what we were going to do later....to my surprise he was all in. We were on the swim team together so I'd
  5. I think I would wear this out in public but most likely at night when I am walking through my neighborhood.
  6. I'm a member over at ZOIG. This is the first place I have ever seen it mentioned....lol.
  7. New here....first post. Married guy here. Wife has been "Changing" for the past five years. It's been 62 months without sex. She also has a disability that decreased her sex drive years ago. It's not an easy topic to discuss. I jerk ff a lot because, hey it feels good, but I do miss those nights of sex.
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