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  1. I do practice amateur nude wrestling. I am always ashamed of my small dick exposed but I like a lot to wrestle, so I accept to be in inferiority in front of real men dicks
  2. I think this is very common for us smalldicks. It happened to me many times, before when I usued to date with girls, later with men. There is a lot of competition and usually the dominant male is the one who realizes he has got a big dick. I was put in a corner many times by so called friends who doubled me in dick size and I had to give up always when the competition for girls or men moved to this field
  3. I fit in it perfectly, I can't see the head
  4. I knew I had a small one when I was 25 and I went with my 12 yo cousin to a river for bathing. The water was cold and when we got out and we changed the wet trunk my soft dick was one third of his soft one! And he laughed a lot! I realized then a 12yo boy had a dick much bigger than mine
  5. Many years ago, I was around 40, a friend of mine asked me to pose naked for his son, 17yo, who attended a school of art. I wondered why he chose me, I was not an Adonis, but later his son explained to me he was looking for a short dick man as in the classic sculptures. You can guess how embarrassing was that moment with my 1.9 inch soft and 4.3 inches erect tiny stuff posing for at least 2 hours.
  6. I used to wear speedo when I was young because back then I didn't realize how much my dick was smaller than other's. When I understood this, because many friends told me...I stop to wear speedo and tried a camuflage. It's not a great view a flat area down there!!
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