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  1. Around age 20 - 22 I began exploring nightclubs. I realized I was a pretty good dancer and this was a way to meet girls. I also discovered that depending on how many drinks I had versus redbulls I may be soft and tiny or get real hard. I used to attempt to get myself to 80-90% erection so it pointed down and was not ridiculous hard, but as big as could be while softish semi. Then for the grinding songs I would confidently push it around their butt or front section. I hoped that they would feel it and think that this was me normal soft and was maybe a huger hardon in store for t
  2. I tried jelqing about 6 months with devotion and at the end not 1 millimeter gain length or girth, so I don't know. Maybe if someone was previously not maximized could work? Or some penis structures are different?
  3. yes. in threesome mfm then later mmfm. Not sure if posted story here before so won't repeat but give the brief. NYC hotel room. White woman in 40s from Jersey. Me, whiteboy in 20s. Friend, Dominican parents, grown in NYC, late 20s. He whipped out maybe 9 inches give or take, dark color, very thick, strong, and hard, and she started riding him hard. Other factors from partying involved but i was encouraged to take off pants and i could not get hard at alll. Friend, however, being good friend, made her suck on me whole time regardless, which was nice. MMFM happened when friend's "uncle" , probab
  4. weight loss great for the aesthetics, but really if you can still push it in, it still goes in...
  5. Replying to original topic writer, I think that is changing. I also think that the Penis Increaser Industry, that somehow still exists, has begun to play on that more with their language, as well as some sph or cuck porn, talk about wanting it "fat". I would def like more girth also, like if it was a choice between: half inch taller, longer, or thick,, i'd put it there
  6. Yes. It seemed to take longer than others. I measured my penis constantly waiting for it. Always 2 and 5/8 inches long erect I remember. I began sneaking peaks at guys at urinal or look through their basketball shorts when sitting down, and was feeling small. Then it began, i think at 13.. and was mostly stopped at 16. I was sorta content but disappointed. Then later in college I was happy to find it grow again about an inch in length i think
  7. maybe. im mostly straight. i look to compare but it also gets me excited
  8. 38 age. when max max hard 8 inch length. 5 inch girth
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