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  1. In certain settings, especially if work is involved I am too afraid to get caught. In general over the years I've looked many times when wanted to. As for my own junk hanging out for display, it honestly depends how it looks then. My flaccid sie can vary significantly from what I find quite small and embarassing, think cold pool or c0ked!ck, or it can be either really warm maybe, or I'm a little turned on, then I may lean back,
  2. only see the veins if wearing a cock ring or otherwise applying similar pressure with hands. It then seems to become more pronounced as time wearing it continues..
  3. I would accept more girth surely. Length maybe I would take little longer just for hell of it
  4. fairly large. coincidentally I have "big balls" i life often. To clarify, I take many risks. I remember being first guy to jump the 45 feet cliff into quarry. One friends says "Tim you definitely have some big balls." - I wondered if my swimsuit had come open lol, but he complimenting my bravery. -But then I thought, oh, ya i do have big balls I guess.
  5. It is long. Symmetrical. Clear white skin with pink top (keep it out of the sun so should stay babyface for a long time.. no lines/wrinkles.. After putting in work over the years it is strong.
  6. how old were you when you first notice that you were growing? 13 how big were you? 2.54 inches hard How old are you now? 39 How big are you now? hard eight
  7. my friend launched a huge dick while i was still tiny. I think he was proud of it and kinda throwing it around. Frequently he wore basketball shorts either commando or with boxers that also let me see right through. I was so scared to get caught but so turned on seeing his semi-hard slightly brown Mediterranean dick. It was often about 5 inches soft with healthy thicknesss, and it seemed room to grow, he may have been 7 inches long by then, and this was just age 14
  8. Ya despite the mutual ethical concern we all share or are scared of, this thread turns me on. I only checked out cocks on teens when I was also around that age. I was slow to start puberty so those dicks were growing so fast it seemed that I was never gonna catch up. I mean, it gave me no confidence to try and hook up with a girl when I knew mine was still less than 3 hard like a baby's while many peers at 4.5 to 5.5 inches long, with a few past 6, and getting thicker.. Looking at all the dicks back then made me horny also. Actually one of the things i like to look at on porn is cute teen boys, usually black skinned because big dick tendencies, and watch them do solo. It is super hot when they look super young and have a huge dick. It definitely gives me an extra strange humiliating turned on feeling
  9. smallest 1.5 inches long, super thin. this was hard! i touched it. Thai nationality, ladyboy. biggest. well with length and girth, during a 3way with Dominican friend in New York. I'd say 9.5 long, fairly thick, strong. another time mutual jo with black guy in NYC after he fed me some party favors and brought me to a sex shop with adjacent film viewing booths. His cock width I swear was like 2 of my cocks. made me think if those around if im doing anything to the vagina...
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