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  1. smallest was asain ya. biggest black white all over the map .. i lucky i gues my length.. with latin and black men NYC... i could barely keep up tho
  2. wow. small 1 inch or so maybe wow so thin. biggest. god damn idk. maybe around 10 inch mark.. h=thicker..
  3. ya so many lie.. i wouldnt.. would hate to underwelm better to surprise being better.. or same with somthing skill extra idk
  4. omg i was caught last year horrible. my positioning as she opened door.. dick full view hard.. and i watched as her eyes went there ahh
  5. koooll.. ya as teenager i didnt know why i was looking and turned on.. i thought just to see difference..
  6. 2 on shaft is barely possible lengthwise.. but would only be to 'stroke' my ego.. not feeling great. 2 hands best if one on the balls..
  7. I hear that . Recently with a girl much younger.. but clear her preference for big based on her talk (longer story) .. and how she felt.. but after feeling her out to adjust my technique she def began enjoying the sex a lot. Says wants to return today actually after a fallout few weeks ago.. nervous and excited..
  8. I saw urologist once had something worried STD.. he told me like it was nothing. I think he was gay based on my gdar.. but very kind and super-professional.. i felt a bit embarassed because due to anxiety or cold room when he saw my penis was extra small
  9. I was just watching porn and thinking of odd scenarios I never see like guy bust in middle of orgy, or other calamaties. I remembered this story because was so honest. Would like to hear more of such stories. I'll try to think of my own, if others find topic interesting
  10. one time in the flirting process of a girl ran into semi-regularly and would chat with, she randomly brought up how her nephew in Puerto Rico in highschool had an 11 inch penis. She had elaborate side stories I recall, such as an encounter with a teacher, comments from the boy's father, then her story asking him to whip it out.. and her reply apparently was 'it's alright but a bit white' or something. It was such a strange thing to talk about now that i think about it with some guy she was flirting with. We eventually made out but never got together for further. Oddly enough that story didn't scare me but she always talked about the gym and her perfectionism, so I was more shy showing her my abs lol.
  11. True. Aside from alcohol which I tried to used often over years as an imperfect numbing agent, going onto zoloft, another antidepressant, for purpose of depression initially, resulted in a great side effect. Cold sober I could hold my cum so much better than before.
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