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  1. I was 12 and he was a boy buddy in his basement and we were alone. We had fun several times after that.Too long ago to remember......kol
  2. very slow today and you?

    1. NuderThanNude
    2. CuriousNow


      It was SO slow on Sunday, that I didn't respond to this until Tuesday!

  3. How many guys like to have their titties massaged or sucked by a man. or womem or sef?? Thanks Pnuts
  4. Good to hear from you. How are things with you?

    1. NuderThanNude


      Things are good with me. We are finally getting some hot pool weather.

  5. Is the video chat down or did I miss an update or change?

  6. I agree with you grand. we sure all try it once.

  7. le Thanks again cacuck45 I was able to do it 

    1. canuck45


      I see that, it says message is from P-nuts and not EAD.

  8. thanks canuck45 I will do that

  9. is it possible to change my screen name to P-NUTS Thanks
  10. like to c other small cocks when I on 

    1. P-nuts


      Looking good thanks for sharing.


  11. Great interests. I have the same. We should chat some time

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