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  1. @Stan PetruFully agreed and look forward to hearing more about your experiences!
  2. Dude! I used to play water polo as well & swimming. Our locker room was just for the swimmers so it was a lot smaller and separate than the other locker rooms. Yes--we all saw a lot of each other!!
  3. I am a grower as well! But as many have said flaccid things can vary greatly and there are times I am less of a grower but more grower anyway.
  4. Nice dude!! That’s really cool! The tattoos look like they took some getting used to
  5. Totally agree! I’m down! Let’s show em
  6. @Greer94 That sounds like a fun time. I had a twin sister and only female cousins--i was the only boy around and not left to be able to run around naked so I had to do that on my own--not that that bothered me.
  7. Dude! I am totally the same. I have kept it mostly because I like the look and I think its fun--besides It feels awesome to be shaved for a bit --its just not something I have time to maintain. It's a full bush there too--pubes, crack n sac are all like the black forest there. But the rest of me is not that hairy.
  8. @bazookajoe Not abnormal at all--you are who you are and what you are. Besides most swimming makes "equipment" not sit right in the mesh anyway!
  9. I'm always down for it and wish more of my guy friends would ask or we could do this. I'm always happy to share pics and quite enjoy it. I think I tend to be a bit of an exhibitionist. While my dick may not change from picture to picture-- just knowing I get to share it with someone and they want to see it is kind of fun. I think it also is fun to know that they want to see it, they appreciate it and accept me for who I am. Sharing hasn't been a bad thing but has also made me feel more accepted -- does that make sense?
  10. This is awesome. I was the "naked" friend amongst my friends. It was always a matter of when not if. I was a little self conscious but has remained a curious guy who wants to see and would love to have friends to be willing to share this with me. It's hard to address and I worry that I'd ruin a friendship now that I am older. But hey hanging out naked, or comparing just for fun or to be funny is always something I like. But its harder to find ways to get this done. I don't mind the strangers in gym showers or even at European spas. I think it'd be fun to able to hang out with a good friend and have that new connection.
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