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  1. I too like the bottoming out sensation as does my girlfriend. It seems when I hit bottom and hit her cervix it makes the feeling more intense for her and does prolong my staying power. She is able to do a manuever that bounces my head off her cervix like a maching gun, nice.
  2. Has any of the members had the problem of an overly agressive partner sucking their cock so hard that the head actually hurt the next morning when an erection suddenly made it hurt. This happened to me last night when my Girlfriend and I really got into a fantastic cock sucking afair.
  3. I like to go commando for my GF so she can play any time she wants. I also love showing a buldge in the jeans when I'm not wearing underwear, might not be big, but it's mine to show
  4. Wear string bikinis but sleep in boxers, don't want tight balls when I'm sleeping
  5. Going on the good old boy size chart, as big as a grade AA hen egg.
  6. I can relate to this, if it's cold water I better tie a string around the head of my dick so I can find it when I get out. It does retract. Very embarrasing.
  7. I want to second that statement, I have been with women that had one child and was large enough to put both hands in, I have also been with women that has had two chuldren and have had the most wonderful tight and best feeling Vaginas ever. Things will streach and some streach more due to muscle inactivity.
  8. I guess I fall into the grower catagory, 2.5 flacid and 3 in girth then when fully erect its 6.5 long and 6 in girth
  9. Just wondering if there were any members out there with genital piercings? Having two myself made me wonder who, how many and where. Mine are on the part of my foreskin that was left after circumsision at the age of 9. Years later found the two small openings by accident and opened them up. Two 14g rings now adorn it.
  10. I believe that instead of average the term "modest" might be a closer and more revered term. It has a whole bunch of better definitions. IE. Modestly Hung.
  11. If there is no pain, it functions like most penis's do, enjoy the pleasure it can provide and the promise of every erection. At your young age you have lots to enjoy, don't be influenced by the porno hype as many of have at times.
  12. It all goes back to Horsepower is no substitue for cubic inches, sometimes it's nice to have more horsepower than cubic inches.
  13. uncut-ML-160117-ML- There's a forum dedicated to all foreskin topics. That's where this thread belongs.
  14. Yes it is, but did take a long time for me to realize it. Just wish this site was here 30 years ago. I now revel in what I have and truly a wonderful feeling to know that.
  15. Thank you, It took me long time to realize that I was the right size. Meaning I did not have to have the size of a Stud horse to really satisfy a woman. There's a whole lot of mental attitude to we are what we are and we accept it. I damn proud of what I have and do plan to use, use and use it to my and my partners hearts content.
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