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Father, Brothers Size Difference

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Well all I can say is the "long and skinny dick" gene has mutated and grown rampant in my family for at least three generations and it isn't looking so good for the fourth generation.  I don't know wh

@Triasco9.5 of course when he is telling me his 'problem' I am thinking....yeah right, to have such a problem....but said nothing.   Then thought about it, low self-esteem, feels he is being used, not

Bit of a difference between all of us and passive nudity was not uncommon around the house. My father was on the small side of average, I am smaller than him, and my older brother was on the large sid

4 hours ago, jacob_k said:

Yup...it fucking sucks. Even just knowing that you're the smallest messes with you and it's even worse when they joke or laugh about it even if they aren't trying to be malicious about it...

Not malicious?  But, basking in superiority at the expense of others?

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Bit of a difference between all of us and passive nudity was not uncommon around the house. My father was on the small side of average, I am smaller than him, and my older brother was on the large side. My brother certainly went through a phase emphasizing that I was the little brother, which was embarrassing. Not too bad overall though.

Always seemed interesting that we were each different in size.

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From @Red Scott:  "When exposed to certain things at an age where we can be the most influenced things can have a lasting effect that can stay in some cases for life." 

I agree totally!  I've mentioned two things from my youth that really stuck with me and affected my life as an adult.

The first was being forced to go naked at home by my older brother.  Although I hated it initially, I eventually realized I enjoyed being naked at home other than in my bedroom or the bathroom.  And, to this day, I am most comfortable at home when I'm naked.

The second was just three years later when, at age fourteen, I saw my first naked girl.  She was only eleven but very pretty and just beginning puberty.  To this day, I find both girls and boys who are in their early stages of puberty to be beautiful creatures - somehow so full of life.

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Added quotation marks. My English English teacher, Miss Welbourne, would be proud!
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Growing up, my older brother and I shared our own floor with separate bedrooms at opposite ends of the hallway and a shared bathroom between them. Since it was just the boys on the floor, there was no need for modesty, so we saw each others' penises pretty much daily as we walked back and forth between our rooms and the shower. I was less of aware of sizes at the time, but I had perceived us as being roughly the same size. It wasn't until college when I was naked with lots of guys that I first realized that most guys are bigger than me

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Growing up, we had a beach house with a changing/shower room downstairs. All the males would change and shower after coming in from the beach. I saw uncles, friends, cousins, etc. naked my whole life. My dad and his 4 brothers were all hung, easily 6" flaccid. I never saw the erect. I had a cousin who was a year older than me. At 12, he was probably 3-4". By 15, he looked just like our dad's at 6+" flaccid. I saw him erect a lot and while I never measured, he was at least 8" erect. I had a cousin on my mom's side who was the same age as me. Our dicks were identical in size our whole life.

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I still remember how humiliating it was letting dad see me nude for the first time, as a teen.  Knew he was hung like a horse & hoped to inherit an alpha cock too, yet I had a puny peepee compared to cousins.  We showered together at the gym growin up but not since hitting puberty had I been seen without underwear. My heart was racing as I pulled down my tighty whities.  As always, I was shriveled up like a little boy‘s.  How disappointing for a dad to see his son with manhood so pathetic and inferior.  There was another dude showering too, around my age but way more well-endowed.  That was when I started accepting I would never measure up.

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