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Remember the Navy's "Sky Penis" from 2017?


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Sky-Penis.jpgThe Navy’s probe into sky penis

In 2017, a Navy flight crew roared into legend when they drew a giant phallus in the sky with the contrails of their jet, assuming it would quickly blow away. It did not. Now, Navy Times has obtained the transcript of the conversation that led to the 'sky dong.'

It prompted viral guffaws from some and online outrage from others.

There are shot glasses commemorating the event and it birthed memes ahead of the annual Army-Navy game.

But the inside story of how an EA-18G Growler jet crew drew a penis across the clear blue skies of Washington state in 2017 has never been told.

Until now.


See the Navy Times article for the full story, including transcripts of the cockpit chatter throughout the creation of the artwork.

Alan G

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From Seth MacFarlane's "The Orville"


Admiral:  "Didn't he use the ship's phasers to draw a penis on Space Station 2235?"

Captain:  "Listen, there's been a lot of penises drawn on a lot of things - he's still the best pilot in the fleet and I want him on my ship!"

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Related item.  When I was a boy in elementary school, it used to turn me on incredibly when one of my fellow classmates would draw the ballsac big penis and piss slit on the head on things.  Everyone at the time drew that same version of a penis outline.  They were on everything.  I drew them in the back of my notebooks all the time and that's all I would think about was penis lol.

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