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Never admitted to this in real life, but in middle school I used to pad out my briefs with a rolled up ankle sock 🧦

At that age, boys got pantsed on the regular.  Especially those of us still wearing ‘tighty whities.’  Wouldn’t see me naked until 9th grade but was already self-conscious from comparing with cousins.  Knew it didn’t measure up to theirs

My father was a well hung man, go figure. Always filled out his jockeys like an alpha, which I admired.  But when wearing them, I’d realize how loose that fabric draped around my dinky.  Knew I needed some help so started stuffing

Loved seeing a massive bulge between my legs.  Wore the sock for quite a few months before it fell out while running laps!  But thankfully I had on long sweatpants to hide it!

After that I wasn’t risking a reputation as the dude who stuffs his drawers.  Showering for aquatics class would soon expose my “little peck” anyway...  Hoped to grow a massive manhood like my Dad by then but never did.

Any other guys ever pump up their package? 

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I always wore tight jeans in middle school, well I started noticing that other guys were bigger than me in the locker rooms so I decided to stuff in 8th grade, after about day 3 of stuffing this girl said I never noticed a bulge before, are you stuffing your pants? I turned beat red and she figured it out and said oh my God you are stuffing.

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Well I guess we have always been there at least once in our life. 

Before anyone tells me that Im not fit in the small range - my flacid is quite small (1-2 inches)and I have really small testicles also , no bulge at all,  so yes I really felt I need the stuffing.

I have stuffed my underwear one of my winter socks half. Carefully rolled it to look like a tube - or a real penis. and put it in my underwear. First: it was really uncomfortable. Because of the fabric "winter style" it really concentrate the heat in there. So I was sweating like a horse :D
Second: it started to move around and push my dick to strange shapes ...so I have took it out of my pants and never used it again. 
Not to mention: I felt guilt to lie about this. I tought it would be obvious if anyone see me naked that I have stuffed my underwear...and that would be very embarressing for me. And doesn't wanted to start a relationship with a lie. If someone likes me - likes me with my dick at it is.

So I do not suggest anyone to try stuffing. 

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