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What is your unfulfilled fantasy

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  • 13 years later...

To bump into my school buddy from age 10 and for us to fall in love .. lol .. he had the sweetest blue eyes and curly blond hair, just thinking about kissing his lips gives me a semi. We move in together, making out or making love every night, and invite the other cute guys from our year for some long hot threesomes, including me getting double-plugged while we play three way tongue hockey.

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14 hours ago, IndyBanker1946 said:

@lloydbaker oh...I hope I've learned a wee bit over the last 59 years, so I hope it would be an improved experience for both of us.

I was always in quite an ego defensive mindset when I had sex over the decades.  Instead of trying to prove myself, that I was big enough, etc. maybe I could be truly focused on the female, now.  Unlikely to find-out at my age!

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Here's a fantasy that has spontaneously arisen in my mind quite a few times.  I don't think I'd actually do it:

I'm having straight missionary sex with a woman, but instead of being in position to kiss her like normal,  there is a a guy with a big cock face fucking her while I lick behind his balls and ass hole.  I can feel her pussy reacting powerfully on my dick, especially when she gags and  finally receives and swallows his load.

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wow being fucked anal while i'm fucking a girl and then taking turns giving a blowjob to another guy with the girl as he unloads his sperm all over our face...and then sucking the other guy till he comes in my mouth...btw, i tried anal for the first time 3 days ago..it was a great experience...abit painful but i was told as you practice it will be alright. it was with a ladyboy who had a 6" tool..and thick...

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