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Sexual Sterotyping: Another question.

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In a previous post, I quoted Andyaz and got in trouble for sexual sterotyping. Here is what Andy said: (Remember it is his quote.)


<<Since you're smaller than average, it's to be expected that a majority of your partners will be larger, but this wouldn't be such an overwhelming majority if it weren't for an additional factor. The promiscuous inclinations of gay men are well known, but I've noticed that as penis size decreases below average, promiscuity also decreases quite rapidly. End quote.


Having slept on this, I think the better question is:


Are men with large dicks more promiscuous?


My thoughts are that they would tend to be. Notice I said "tend." Because -


..They are more willing to expose themselves to sexual situations.

..They are more self-confident in sexual situations.

..Then there is the reputation. It gets around that a guy is big. And "everyone" (male or female) wants to do it with the king-of-the-hill.


I'll duck and wait for replies.


(And where the hell did my spellnig check go?)




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When I was new to sex (at age 27) I was extremely active. I remained active for about twelve years. I was the same "small" size for all of those years. I became less active when I had a few comments made about my size. That's when I became VERY self conscious. In all of those years of activity I never had sex with a man who was my size. In fact it always seemed as if every man was a giant. But I really did not become obsessed with my size until the comments. It finally reached the point where I was unable or unwilling to perform with another person and I've been celebate ever since (more than 10 years).


In conclusion men with a large penis may very well tend to be more promiscious but for a number of years I was too. For me it was more hormones than size.


And I also want to know where the hell spell check is!



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Good point, bear. Being a big man myself, I have sometimes wondered if it's just a thrill thing, havign "been around the block" as often as I have. I DO enjoy getting with a guy who enjoys size, although there are certain types of men I'm attracted to and certain types I am NOT. In fact, one of the biggest problems with being "a man of size" is being chased around by many people whom I'm not interested in; chased around simply because "they know". My sex drive has decreased over the years as well and I've noticed I do not go out as often. Strangely enough, during my hey-day, when I used to get teh "you're big" comments I used to simply say "yeah, yeah, just shut up and suck it". Nowadays I enjoy those guys who get a thrill out of size and I try to "play it up" for them. As always, I have a better time if the person I'm with is having a good time.



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Too bad you had those incidents when you were younger, Mac. But you shouldn't swear off sex just cuz you ran into a few assholes. Why don't you join us in the chat room...we talk a lot about the issues that are bothering you. You should bve able to learn to love yourself (and your small dick) and resume a happy sex life. Give us a try.



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Hey Chris,


How do you "play it up" for them?


The only times I was with very well hung guys I didn't say anything about size and neither did they, even though the difference in size between us was laughably obvious (mine is 4.5 x 4.5). Now it would turn me on to talk about it. I especially like imagining how big guys perceive my little one.





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Mac, thank you for sharing that. I might well feel less confident if I had heard remarks about my size when I was younger. As I noted in another post, they teased me about my tits and hair, but never my dick. I guess I was lucky. But if you let others decide your actions, you are doing yourself a big disservice. Anyone can make stupid remarks, but only you can make up your mind to let them hurt you.


BTW I note you are from central PA, I originally came from that area.


Chris, I don't want to overlook you. (How could I?) I appreciate your candid comments, too, even though you are coming from a different prospective than most of us. Bear.


PS, Sean, thanks the spelling check is back! I really need it!



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I have always credited my modest endowment with saving

me from AIDS. I came out in 1980 and AIDS was just a

scary rumor about something that was happening to gay men in San Francisco and New York.But it wasn't long

before Aids came to Denver. I was always very nervous about the small secret that I was hidding in my pants.

My friends were doing someone every other week and the bath houses were at their height. Not me though..I just

didn't want to be humilitated when the moment of truth came. Everyone that I ran around with in those days is now dead. My first humiliation was at 13 in gym class..where else? I can remember it like it was 10 minutes ago. I am convinced if I was well hung I probably wouldn't be here today.... Sohlo



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<<I just assume everybody else (both gay and straight) is having more sex than i am! Eliminates performance anxiety completely!


<<Little Dirk


Dirk, I would really like to comment on that, but I just don't know what to say. Do you and I have the same understanding of "performance anxiety"? (I am on an impotence support group, and we discuss this with young men all the time. That brings up another question -- I'll post it another day. No. I will start a new thread and post it now.)



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> Having slept on this, I think the better question is:


> Are men with large dicks more promiscuous?


Well, sure.


Even tho the difference may not be as great, it really follows from my statement that small guys are less promiscuous for all the same, but opposite, reasons.









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> It finally reached the point where I was unable or

> unwilling to perform with another person and I've

> been celebate ever since (more than 10 years).


That really upsets me.

You can't let the comments from a couple of assholes override years of evidence to the contrary.


I don't know what else to say.









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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey. y'all! I hope I'm doin' this right! This is my first time EVER communicating on a forum. I stumbled

upon this group, have reviewed most all of the threads and I feel like I have finally found church. Thank you

all SO MUCH for being who you are and, especially, SEAN

for providing the way. I'm a GBM, just turned 46 yo,

5'10" tall, bearish build, happily involved in a LTR of

13 yrs, masculine and fairly well centered. Like Chris,

however, I happen to be well endowed. I'm wanting to be

a witness to this group for basically two reasons.

One...I DO have my woes about being "hung" and, two, I

stepped up to the realization, several years ago, that

I've always "preferred" white dudes with smaller to average dicks (cut).

Raised by strict grandparents and being afforded a private school education, my escapades were kept to a

minimum. I found out about the birds and the bees pretty much on my own. I didn't have a clue about size

differences until I went to HS and was literally ex-

posed to that lockerroom, the showers and those guys.

Because my schooling was always well integrated, I never felt racially singled out. But MAN-O-MAN, did I

ever get "pegged" for what was between my legs!! NEVER

wanting the stares, the whispers, the giggles, the

celebration of my name on bathroom walls with ALL KINDS

of lewd suggestions, the notes in my locker. And then,

of course, there was the infamous nickname.............

Donkey Dick (DD for short). I was pretty shy then, took

a lot of shit. But those experiences left a great im-

pression on me. To this day, I only wear jockstraps (to

best conceal my size); I only shower in public places if I'm pressed for time (Tennis Club/YMCA); I even

sometimes avoid using urinals and, instead, find an empty stall to take a piss. Well, I could go on with my

saga but I won't. Instead, I'll just holler out to you

guys that inadequacy can and DOES run the gamut for

whatever reason you're made to feel different. I've

known for some time now that the sexual strain in my

relationship has to do with my issues around my part-

ner's large size and his being uncircumsized. Those

attributes have absolutely NOTHING to do with why I love him but do have something to do with my lack of

enthusiasm when making love to him. In this way, I am

TRUELY a product of my environment and everyday I'm

striving to be happy and whole. Thanks for the air time

and I'm sorry if I misused my opportunity. I'm on webtv

and I'm genuinely new to this. Looking forward to being

a "newbie" for awhile.





































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welcome kente...as you may have read in one of Sean's earlier posts, he will be provided access to a chat room for webtv users, but in the meantime, feel free to join in the discussions on the board...we like different viewpoints, and you certainly have that to offer.



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