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  3. MY bodytype is not allow me to measure my dick without the fatpad. Im a kind of a bear type even if I am below my recommended weight. My fatpad is more than 2 inches thick and it doesnt want to dissapear even if I loose weight. My bonepressed measurment is 6 1/4 inches (16 cm) but I feel I am small and look small on my big bodyframe. Average is just a number -
  4. Every day I rush out to my P.O. Box, praying that my mail order manhood was finally delivered. 20 days later, still got nothin... FML! Am I just meant to always be a tiny dick loser in my life? Maybe the universe is telling me I need to stop pretending and just accept that I am never going to get bigger... Well played...
  5. @DallasDavey good attitude. imo sex is like 50% role playing. it would help if more people could realize that
  6. For me, it’s difficult letting go of the idea that one day it will get big. Because growing up I totally expected to be - coming from a family of mostly hung men, it was a shock to still be so small compared to my cousins & father, especially. Felt like a disappointment. Used to wake up and immediately look down for any changes. Old habits die ... impotent?
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  8. I've never heard of a bigger dick ruining someone's life but I sure have heard of lottery winners lives being ruined. Therefore, I'll take a bigger dick!
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  10. Steve56 here. 64 years old. 6 feet. 210 pounds. Cut. (Regretfully, but restoring my foreskin). 3 inches soft. 6 1/4 inches hard. 5 inches around hard.
  11. Token expired no longer seen

  12. "Token expired" is reported when connecting to chat

  13. I find little or no influence of the fat pad if I "bone press" a narrow ruler for measurement right at the base of the dick. What appears to be my size, of course, is grossly affected by the fat pad, however. Also affected is what can actually be inserted. As 2 fat pads come into play! When I was bone skinny, however, I don't think I ever measured carefully. Didn't want to know, I guess. Looked really small in mirror both flaccid and hard. Even with no fat pad, my flaccid would sometimes retract to just a nub.
  14. Thanks for that, Steve56. I never knew or even considered this possibility. Luckily (?), right-handed here. Nice to "meet" you.
  15. I pull everything....balls and pecker...down over the top of my briefs. I never use the fly. I'm left handed. Did you ever realize that the flys are made for right handers? Think about it. Same for zippers, too.
  16. feels like maybe spring it was close to 48 today.  I know im getting old when the cold weather gets to me. Well another year of sitting around and every thing getting cancelled in the world. At my age i can not afford this. Guess i should feel lucky cause hell i can go to a restraunt again after close to 4 months of not being able to.   What a treat when the restraunts cant have any more then 25 percent in there.And oh yes a ten o clock closing time of every restraunt but been told that maybe by the end of 2022 i could be going to a baseball game again or gee a street art fair.  The old saying lifes a bitch and then you...................................................................................... Such a sad state i live in

  17. @NuderThanNude This has nothing to do with the notion that bigger is better. If I thought it likely that @Jsmall9857 has reached the size dictated by his genetics, I would have given advice similar to yours. But statistically it is more likely, at his age and size, that something is medically wrong with one of his glandular systems. He has the medical condition known as micro-penis. That should be checked out, if for no other reason, because it can cause significant difficulty impregnating a woman. If anyone doubts the benefit of a young man with micro-penis seeking a medical review
  18. I think it may have something to do with clicking on name or private: good question, I’d like to know too, happened to me too. text seems familiar.
  19. I felt the same initially about women with very large pussies not being appropriate for me because of my size. Yeah, I had a hard time cumming in some--no friction. Banging pubes was all I could do which was unlikely to get me off. But, eventually, I figured out that women who lubricated were the problem. Woman who were turned on by me either through manual or oral ministration or who were just horney or impressed by me didn't do much for me. I thought women NOT TURNED ON BY ME, who were just a little slick, were "really hot." Then, I'd wonder why typically they dropped me.
  20. ME!!!!! I fucking love being small!! Idek why but i just love it!! Think its awesome im always the smallest
  21. The green Mention icon popped up during a video chat. What does it mean? Clicking on it does nothing.
  22. As a guy who's 6'5 with a 1 inch soft size and 2.5 inches hard size...I would happily trade!!
  23. I've used many an extender by myself pretending to be bigger and masturbating like crazy to the thought. And I use the extenders with certain girlfriends to experience them enjoying size Both are a lot of fun for fantasy purposes
  24. Don't be ashamed of that little penis. Be proud of who you are. I wasted much of my youth ashamed of my small penis. Didn't date. Didn't explore my sexuality. I eventually accepted my size and now I love when people tell me it's small.
  25. RodEnuf - That assumes that his mind has been poisoned into thinking 'bigger is better'. He may prefer (as I did) having a small penis. Just because a woman has small breasts doesn't mean she should get breast enlargement. Just as there are advantages in certain cases to having a large penis there are also advantages to a small penis in certain cases. I think having a small penis made me a better lover.
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