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The real reason men send unsolicited penis pics


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The real reason men send unsolicited penis pics

Fellas, your d- -k pics might be showing us a lot more than you intended.

Psychologists at Pennsylvania State University are revealing the characteristics most associated with men who text unprompted photos of their genitals to women — and they’re not good.

“We determined that men who reported having sent unsolicited d- -k pics demonstrated higher levels of narcissism and endorsed greater ambivalent and hostile sexism than their non-sending counterparts,” the researchers wrote in a new paper published in the Journal of Sex Research.

The survey included responses from 1,087 men who admitted to researchers whether or not they’d ever pushed images of their junk — and why. They also answered questions related to certain personality traits, namely exhibitionism, narcissism, sexism and openness to sex and sexuality.

All the dudes were heterosexual, as researchers note that “the culture surrounding unsolicited genital images shared between men who have sex differs notably from the heterosexual culture.”

Their study revealed that 48 percent had admitted to promoting their nether regions without an invite — suggesting this is a fairly common practice among hetero guys.

Researchers found that questions measuring narcissism and sexism could correctly predict whether or not a man had ever preened their peen about 63 percent of the time. Men with high scores in said qualities were more likely to be the type.

Study authors outlined six nuanced categories of motivation, and found that most men were not doing so with the explicit purpose of terrorizing women, nor were they necessarily turned-on by the act.

In reality, about 44 percent are just playing a game of show and tell.

“We determined that the most frequently reported motivational category for sending genital photos was a transactional mindset — i.e., motivated by hopes of receiving images in return,” the paper reports. “Partner hunting” ranked second. This impulse seems to come from a grand misunderstanding of female desire, as, the psychologists write, “women tend not to appreciate or reciprocate upon reception of these images.”

For the most part, men aren’t getting off on this, as only 18 percent report voluntarily sending wanker shots for their own sexual gratification. On the contrary, 82 percent of the men had intended to excite their recipient, with another 50 percent hoping it would make them feel attractive. (Thanks, I guess?)

Researchers note that while many men “do not intend to cause harm or negative psychological outcomes,” their unsolicited schlong sharing suggests they are inherently “motivated by sexist and misogynistic ideologies.”

Only a quarter of the men said they preferred receiving a positive response over a negative one — leaving about 75 percent of these men either ambivalent or actually intending to offend. This finding, the authors say, supports feminist writers who claim the practice is inherently sexist; the issue is not that these men don’t understand the concept of consent, it’s that they just don’t care.

The psychologists intend to continue their culturally relevant study.

“The d- -k pic lies at the intersection of the zeitgeists surrounding consent, gender, sexuality and technology,” they conclude. “Further research on the subject could provide insights into myriad contemporary topics such as online sexual harassment, online dating culture and gender relations.”

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