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Testing a smilie

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There seems to be some hiccup in PMs that contain multiple animated smilies (emojies).  In the case I saw, there were two, and one of them didn't move.  Now I'll do some more testing with PMs to see if I can narrow down the circumstance where not all the animations work together.  :fellate: :penis:

That's the pair where one moved and the other didn't in a private message.

Alan G -- Measurection Administrator

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:ukflag:  Is this the one you're looking for?  They're all here and this is the way you find and insert them into a post . . .

With the text cursor active at the location where you want to place the emoji, click the emoji button Emoji Button.gif in the button bar just above the text entry box.  That will open a scrollable dialog box with images of every one of the emojis, from both the new system and the old system.  Click an emoji and it will be inserted where you left the text cursor.  Each emoji also has a name and if it's an alphabetic name it can be inserted by typing <space><colon>EmojiName<colon><space>.

Alan G

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