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I am a bit of a math nerd and found this site that gives you statistics about your penis size to be very interesting.  It shows things like average and how many standard deviations away from that you are, how many men out of 1000 would be bigger and gives a classification for your size.  At 3.9" erect, I am right at the first percentile, meaning 990 men out of 1000 would be bigger and it says I am "abnormally small."  At 1.9" flaccid, I am 0.23 percentile, meaning 998 men out of 1000 are larger and classified as "micropenis."  Interestingly, my girth is just below average.  Anyway, I thought people here might like this site:  


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11 minutes ago, NuderThanNude said:

At just under 3 inches erect my penis is listed as "theoretically impossible". You have to be 3.3:" erect to fall into the bottom end of the mico-penis category.

Not a valid calculator, then.  2.75 or less hard in some places is the definition of micro.

Or just the typical tendency to ignore or "write-off" the small.

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