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Upload an iPhone Vid (.mov)?



I had a short vid I shot in .mov format.  I thought I'd add it to my "album" in the Gallery.  It appeared the upload was successful, however, I can't seem to play it (saw one "this plugin not supported" message).

If it matters, I did the upload from a MacBook, through a VPN.  And I was using the same machine to attempt to view the file.

Oh, and I did try to find the topic here but, if there IS such a topic, I missed it.


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Tried to view it and got the same message, Using windows laptop and Chrome browser.
Have to download it and then play.
I use VLC for videos on my computer and can convert it to mp4.

.mov propriety format for Apple (booooo) 8 bit encoding, not compatible with Chrome (64 bit, mp4, html5)

Not sure if Apple gives you an option to "save as" and then select 

WIll try and send it to you so you can repost.
16mb file may not transfer.

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Yep, MOV files apparently can't be played by the internal player in our platform, so it's just handled as a downloadable attachment.  When I come across one as an attachment on the site, I download it, convert it to an MP4 file, and re-upload it to replace the original.

Alan G -- Measurection Administrator

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