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Results of new worldwide study of penis size

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None of this helps guys like me who are a solid 4 inches or 4.25 on a good day while pressed to the bone.


To be honest as someone who's seen quite a bit of penises in my lifetime I couldn't tell you what any of my partners measured. I can tell if they're bigger or smaller than me but even then I think my perception of me may be skewed. To summarize, no one is a proper statistician in the bedroom. I would encourage you to also look beyond size for positive qualities. I don't manscape and I cannot tell you how many guys get into the fact that I have a thick bush. It's insane. So people may be turned on by other things--the shape of your head, a curve, the girth, it being straight, it being veiny, etc.

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The new study made me think about the ancient Greeks and their regular male community nudity. Many have said their statues Of athletes and warriors show small penises. But maybe the sculptors depict flaccid size with some accuracy. Look at the example here.



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