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On 9/1/2020 at 10:21 AM, shooter said:

Flaccid is soooo variable - depending on so many things . Especially if you are a grower.


Check my stats. See? 
   My flaccids

 Mine goes through those same changes yours and mine could be twins. I have a cock double!

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On 8/7/2020 at 10:41 AM, RonaldU said:

Not really a serious subject, but aren't all the flaccid exposed on the internet very likely to be classified as small? Or are they for most people and it's just my small flaccid changed my perception of the standards.

There are a lot of "jokes" about Michelangelo's David. Ok, it's small, but is THAT small? I don't find it funny in any case but that's another question.

Is this guy "tiny small"? LINK

Is this guy "small"? LINK

Is this guy "average"? LINK


My "average" would be something like this: LINK

Most flaccid I see seem really thick to me, I realised most people doesn't grow much thicker when erect it seems, or maybe if you are a grower you are in both measurements.

The first guy looks like every guy I've seen naked. Lol I wouldn't call any of them small, and certainly not tiny. I've seen tiny, it's an obvious difference. Why they insult them by calling them tiny or small is beyond me. They all look average. The biggest problem is the fantasy porn that happens,mostly with women but I suppose gay guys too, that a penis has to be this enormous elephant trunk to be attractive. They couldn't be more wrong (and deluded).

Mine is dependent on temperature, 100%. I hate the cold with a deep passion. If there's even a breeze on a nice day I'm dressed head to toe, and my penis reflects that. It's like a short rubber eraser. If I'm comfortable and relaxed, it's more like your example, I think.

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