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I think we should invite the women of the site to the smaller forum.

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Well, you may not think your input is valuable or pertinent, but I think there is loads of insight from your comment. So your bf is small (how small) was it something you noticed, has it effected your love life? Or do you find that his own personal insecurity is more of a burden than his actual physical limitations? Describe his fetishes?

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He's slightly under 4.5 inches.

hmm, there's a lot to say about all that. Yes it's affected our sex life. It's awkward sometimes. But mostly we have a lot of fun. And yes his insecurities make it a much bigger deal than it should be. Although I admit it's not not important.

I feel embarrassed talking about the fetish stuff. it's not too out there at all. but yea

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For about 1 year. Yea I knew he was smaller straight away. Yes tbh I would prefer if he was bigger. Sorry if that upsets anyone but it really isn't that important to me, but I do happen to have a slight preference. And he didn't warn me per-say but it took a long time to actually get to the point where he would let me handle it. It took a bit of encouraging and reassuring. Insecurities are terrible, but most people make too much of their flaws. that's good news

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