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Unfortunately, I haven't had the experience of being raised by a nudist family. I would imagine, though, that after a period of time, seeing so many different people, size would be of no consequence. I can't really say for sure though, since I don't really know smile.gif



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My only exposure to nudist families came when I was 13, and discovered a stash of "Sunshine" magazines my dad had hidden away. The pictures of totally nude adults with kids was a real eye-opener for me! I was fascinated with the adults, and equally with the kids, especially ones that looked about my age, with the wide range of sizes, shapes, pube development, etc. It just amazed me that families could be so relaxed like that, while I would pop a hardon as soon as I would start lookin' at the pics! Did a lot of jackin' off lookin' at those nudist family pics too! I also knew for sure that I could never do that with my family. Would like to hear from somebody who did grow up in that kind of a totally open environment too! bigshock.gif

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I was a family nudist for many years with my wife and four children. As a nudist you soon realise that people come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes.

Shame and embarrassment are not emotions that apply in a nudist environment.


Generally speaking, it is a great leveller because we all have good and not so good parts of our body and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Of course I have seen men(and boys)with a larger penis than I have but I bear in mind two points:


1. A small flaccid penis is not necessarily a small erect one.(check my posts in "the experience that made me admit i'm bi")


2. Many people find a smaller penis is more attractive to look at, I know I do. Just as many men prefer to see smaller breasts on a woman.


In fact I think these two points are good to remember for any man that has size worries whether you are a nudist or not.


My four children all benefitted from naturism as they are all very confident and comfortable with their bodies with no hang ups about size or shape. My son in particular would, I am sure, have had a complex about his size had he not been a nudist. He had a very tiny penis throughout boyhood and being quite tall and slim made it look even smaller. Unlike me, he had the misfortune to have a late puberty and at 15 he still had less than one inch. I was more worried about it than he was! If anyone mentioned it, he just used to shrug his shoulders and say "It will grow"

And grow it did, a couple of years later he had about twice what I've got!


Perhaps we could start a new thread "Does late puberty produce a larger penis?" LOL


I cant think of anything better than naturism for treating a complex about body insecurities.



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I didn't grow up in a nudist family.. however, growing up my dad walked around the house naked all the time. It was not that big of a deal and he also didn't wear underwear. Later in life in High School I started to not wear underwear and then I started to sleep naked. Eventually I ended doing just as he.. as I am naked 99% of the time I am home and sleep naked and I don't wear underwear.


Which also leads to a time when I was in college I was sleeping and the phone rang early.. and since I had been away at college and was home visiting my room was converting into my dad's home business Office. So the phone rang and I staggered out of bed just in time to bump into my dad who was also naked and half awake as me. We both kinda looked at each other looked down at each other's morning wood and busted out laughing.


We both went and took showers and that was the end of it. My dad brought us up with the ideal that being naked and sexual there was nothing wrong. My dad even caught me masturbating a couple of times and we often made jokes about it and still do now that I am married.



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and your reaction I think shows the different perspectives of nudity. Most people equate nudity=sexuality, whereas naturists equate nudity=no clothes. Its not showing it off, its not sexual, its just a body without clothes...Michelangelos david vs Hustler


Great definition Adrian, I couldn't have put it better myself.


Of course, we nudists are also human, we are not so accustomed to naked bodies that we dont occasionally get sexually excited by the sight of someone that we find attractive.


This is the greatest fear that men who are contemplating nudism have - "What if I get an erection?"


The answer is, its not a problem!


Men deal with it in different ways. Some hide it by sitting down, laying on their bellies or going for a swim. Others walk around or carry on playing games as if it is a perfectly natural thing to happen.

As I have always been prone to unprovoked erections, I dont bother to hide it. This is another case where small is better as it is not so noticeable. My son however, who now sports nearly 8 inches erect,is not so comfortable about being seen when he gets hard.


Either way, naturists are a friendly lot and are not easily shocked, we all know that men get erections, some a lot more than others But none of us can stop it happening.


By the way, in the UK we say Naturists, I believe in the US you say Nudists is that right? I have used both in my posts.



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Hi Avon can say in my case late puberty did not produce a larger penis. Maximum warm weather slack length 3.5 ins (9cms) and anything between 1.5 to 2.5ins (4 to 6.5cms) when cooler. Erect length 4.75ins (12cms)and 3.75 ins (9cms) in circumference.

Must say that any time I have been to a nudist club every one seems relaxed about things and are just there to enjoy the company and good feeling of not having to wear clothing. Wish I had grown up in a Nudist family, probably would not have taken so long to be comfortable with my skinny, shorter endowment.



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Hello Terry, I used to think there was a connection between late puberty and a larger penis when I was at school.


I was an early developer, first to have pubic hair and big dick (anyway I and everyone in my year thought it was big!)

At twelve years old my penis had reached the size that it is now and of course, all the other kids over the next few years passed me by and I had gone from being the biggest to being the smallest.


So I then had a complex about my size for many years until I discovered Naturism.



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... I cant think of anything better than naturism for treating a complex about body insecurities. ...

I know when I have been at Wreck Beach, I have received comments on my attractive little penis!


When shaved and flaccid, a one inch penis on a 6'2" (190 lb) man is very noticeable.


I would like to join a local nudist group that hosts nude polar bear swims on New Years Day in my area.


Being total nude and shaved and swimming in the cold water will have me emerging from the water with a totally retracted and tiny penis of a half inch or less!


I like being seen at my smallest!



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Been a nudist has all the family lifelong,34 years member Naturist Society,chubby white male,shaved smooth,shy to 3" penis,micropenis,born in Chicago,home in Ogden,Utah,enjoy nudism,camping,swimming,sauna,hot tubbing,resorts,spas,buddies who also are chubby short n smooth,pen pals,all answered,have male breasts.



Email me


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Been a naturist all my life,raised all my kids at the naturist resorts enjoying weekends of swimming, sauna, hot tubbing, boating, dining, camping nude here in Illinois, Utah, and Indiana as well as California.

Been a member of the Naturist Society for 34 years, ASA before that, slept nude like my dad since seven years old.


All the kids loved nudism as I and my wife did, all grew up and turned out well.


My penis is only inny TO 1" flaccid, 2" to 3" erect,and I have Gynecomastia since puberty also.


Growing up in Chicago, nudism at The YMCA and high school boys swim group has made the adjustment of being small easier as so many other guys also are small.


Chubby, Short 'n Smooth







Enjoy emails / pen pals, give me a shout!


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