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You are obviously a 'grower' which will be appreciated by a partner. I always think that as long as it works (which yours obviously does) make the most of what you have! By the very nature of this site I don't think that anyone will find your size a matter of mirth.  I have some pics on this site which will demonstrate that I am hardly going to win any prizes myself!

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23 hours ago, Smallsam13 said:

I am here with 4" erect , but never had any relationship because of insecurities. Thought of suicide many times . Any suggestion on how to cope?@Tld123

Hi Smallsam13,

I hope you are doing well. I am a sorry you are feeling insecure. If you are insecure because of your penis, you don't need to be. Your penis is fine. There are lots of people here that will tell you the same. If you are truly suicidal then you might need professional help.

For me, I had a number of issues that I have been dealing with for over 20 years. Social anxiety and introversion were big obstacles me when I was younger. At the time, I would have been impossible to have been in a meaningful relationship. I likely knew at the time that I should work on myself. I have found this site particularly help with coming to terms with my body, sexuality, and self confidence.

Lately everyone's mental health has been shit lately due to covid and social distancing. Are there other aspects in your life that are bothering you? You say you never had a relationship due to your insecurities. I can relate because I felt the same way.

I am not qualified to discuss mental health but there are other sites and professionals that can help you.

Everyone get depressed from time to time. It is also doesn't help if you compare yourself to others. Stay away from porn. It is not realistic and will only make you feel worse. Be kind to yourself. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep. Talk to a trusted friend or family member.

Lately, I have been down in the dumps and I have found these videos very inspiring. I hope you are feeling better soon and all the best.

STOP FEELING LONELY - Jordan Peterson (Best Motivational Speech) from https://youtu.be/mRVELBc5xGA

Jordan Peterson: "KNOW YOURSELF" | 11 Minutes That Will Change Your Perspective on Life from https://youtu.be/2nhdNPfEoXk

The channels are also fairly helpful.

Psych2Go from https://www.youtube.com/user/Psych2GoTv

After Skool from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1KmNKYC1l0stjctkGswl6g

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I sure wish I had some wonderfully sage and encouraging advice to give to people contemplating suicide - but I'm just another regular guy out here in the world. I'm not schooled in any skills to help professionally.  All I can say is that I, too, like so many other guys, have considered that question.  I was only 20 or 21 at the time.

Well, I pressed on and over four decades have since passed.  And I consider myself very fortunate I decided to carry on.  There is SO much out there besides that one particular person, or that dream job that fell through, or besides our penises!  Sure, sex is a big deal, and sexuality is a big deal, but they're not the only deals in our lives!  I would just say that we each need to find something we DO like to do.  Something we feel passionate about - and then DO it!  For me, motorcycling helped a BUNCH!  Riding is therapy for me.  But that's me.  What's YOUR thing?  Find it.  Do it.

NEVER give up on everything because of one thing.

There's just too much out there to live for.  Find what makes you happy - and go live it.  After your four decades have passed, maybe you'll actually have some worthwhile advice (unlike me).  But, for sure, you'll have lived.  Yeah.  You'll have lived.

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