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  2. Yep, so many factors here, people measure in different places, "bone pressing" measures, and the add an inch for ego. The average size argument trundles on. I've had people saying I'm big based on pics I've posted, but I've never considered myself anything but average. I am thicker than average, and when I look at pics I think I look shorter! So yes, difficult to estimate, even your own cock sometimes!
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  4. Like any good adhd I didn't read your subsequent replies, lets see.... id tell a urologist, shop around for docs that will maybe give you a solution, whether surgical or otherwise
  5. Weight loss is your first thing to do. But honestly, heat, and maybe some traction if its that bad. Everyone knows how I harp on weight loss for these purposes, and ill probably keep doing that until someone's self esteem improves after doing so. I'm such a bully But in all seriousness if you've got some fat to loose down there that will free up usable length and encourage your penis to "loosen"
  6. @smallgrower - Mine fully retracts also and only about ½ inch of shaft skin sticks out and I love that it does. The majority of the time I don't need a penis hanging out of my body and getting in the way and I am not interested in putting on a show for anyone. The penis retracts for a good reason when flaccid and that is a good thing. Be thankful you don't have one hanging out all day and it is protected inside your body. As long as it extends when you need it all is good.
  7. I suspect that if you were a small store owner (and had to put up with this sort of thing happening several times a day) you would feel differently. You also may very well be trying to keep the doors open and keep your children from starving. Despite that, I'm sure if she needed help and was sincere about her need there are plenty of people who would help if she just asked. Just look at the outpouring of help during the 911 terrorist attack. It is certainly rational (and not just an emotional response) to help someone who is down and out get back on their feet as we are all in this life together and may find ourselves in that position someday. It is called Compassion (definition is - sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it) A fundamental principle is to 'treat others as we would want to be treated'. it would however be a strictly emotional response (and irrational) to help someone who is down and out because they are just plain lazy or wasting their money on gambling or drugs.
  8. @Triasco9.5 Those were different times. He was born in 1896. Today he would be in prison. I'd see to it.
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  10. If that even worked for this specific problem, my understanding is, your erections will no longer stick up but more out and down, which I would not want. I have not read anything that this would prevent retraction and it seems to be $$$$$$ to have done.
  11. Yeah, I think I have a very strong and overactive creamaster muscle as well. I had read about a process of using Botox that can be injected into it, which helps prevent retracting and does not affect the ability for an erection. Think it might be relatively new procedure.
  12. Fair enough, With all things considered I guess I understand your meaning, and the point of starting this thread certainly wasn't to cosmically abandon any sort of responsiblity, that being said it was a bit rash for me to make the harsh judgement of your comment . You are correct, personal responsibility is at the end of the day all we have any many cases. My belief though is it doesn't hurt to raise awareness if one can.
  13. a) Woman steals a loaf of bread....1 year in jail. principles, rational, unemotional response. b) Woman steals a loaf of bread to feed her starving children. Probation and help. emotional response. As a human I prefer option B. Without emotion responses can we love? (as Spock would say, an illogical) AI is logical and ethicists are concerned.
  14. @old n hard I'm sorry that you went through all of that. and I wholeheartedly agree with what you mentioned about responsibility. But I also believe in holding people like your sperm donor to task and responsible for their thoughts, words, and actions so that they can't spread that darkness as easily. I think both can and need to be done at the same time.
  15. This is not specific to any one poster, but rather a general one. If anyone should be scarred for life I would be the poster boy. Name it and I was deprived. I was beaten. My sperm donor (SD) was a monster who couldn't keep his pants on for more than 10 minutes. He even killed a black man back in the days when whites could do it with no questions asked. He said the man jumped on the running board when he was stopped and reached in and grabbed him. He picked up the pistol he always carried and shot him. He lost his hat in the scuffle. Next morning the sheriff came to the door with his hat. He never left the house without it. Everyone in town knew the hat. He burned our house when I was a teen and collected the insurance. He taught us blacks had no soul. They died like dogs. From an early age I knew he was wrong. There are other stories that show how black his heart was. My point is at some point we must realize we are responsible for who and what we are. We had no control over those who were supposed to nurture us and failed. When he comes up in family conversations I call him by his given name. Some of my siblings had a problem with that. It was a way to distance myself.
  16. I am really glad this thread header was corrected to “Recoup Time” from “Recup Time”.
  17. I agree, I think philosophy is more important than we give it credit for, precisely because we are human and, as science has shown us, we make decisions quickly and primarily with our emotions before our conscious thoughts. That is, unless, we practice adhering to principles, as you wisely suggest. Getting back to the OPs concern, I think principles would help not just with our reaction to porn and to each other based on it, but probably the type of porn we produce in general. Instead of trying to provide people fantasies of unrealistic and unhealthy ideals, we can tap into healthier and more realistic eroticism and appreciate one another more on multiple levels.
  18. Triasco9.5, RAized, canuck - These are all valid points. canuck45 spells this out clearly with his words "we wouldn't have so many counsellors, psychologists"! This is something I am realizing more and more each year. Most people in the world are really screwed up. I believe the use of drugs since the 60s by so many people hasn't helped one bit. People spend most of their awake hours in a fake reality. Unfortunately, though the problem goes even deeper and is the reason people are willing to take drugs in the first place. They are incapable of facing reality. Unfortunately we are not born with an instruction book on the things we need to know to live a happy life. We need a - a set of principles to use in making every decision in our lives. If our decisions and feelings are based on valid principles for a successful and happy life as a human being we will have consistency and harmony throughout our life. If there is one thing most people who know me tell me it is that I am predictable. The reason is that I act on principles, rational thought and not my emotions (although I have throughout my life trained my emotions so they are generally consistent with those derived from rational thought). However, like everything in life there are 'snake oil salesmen' who are willing to sell us a bunch af garbage if we are gullible. We need to stay objective in our search for a set of principles (a philosophy) that is the one that actually works. It works because it is based on nature and what is required for us as human beings by our nature to live healthy and happy lives. It does not defy nature and make us self destructive. Yes, it took me into my early teens to correct the errors instilled in me by my parents and teachers because it took me that long to find and verify the validity of the set of principles (a philosophy) I have lived my life by ever since. It wasn't luck that I have a healthy sense of self esteem, have no insecurities about my body or who I am, have never needed counsellors, psychologists and have lived happily with my wife for 40 years. I am not being narcissistic by just stating a fact. So yes, I do agree that everyone should receive an instruction book on the basics and principles needed to live their lives. It shouldn't be one that has to be taken on faith but one that can be verified through our senses and traced back to nature and what it requires for our health (both mental and physical) and survival. The world would be a much better place.
  19. If they didn't have the power to hurt, we wouldn't have so many counsellors, psychologists or a need this website. . 50000+ or more guys here with various levels of insecurity, I think your precociousness as a child is the exception not the rule. And why did it take so long, until your teens, to correct the errors. Perhaps those that don't react are the ones that are deficient. Psychopathy: impaired empathy, egotistical traits. Is telling others how they "should" acting egotistical? Is telling others "there is no reason to feel that way" a lack of empathy, compassion or understanding? I think people that decide how others "should" act, what the should or shouldn't feel, and seeing others as deficient, because they don't behave/think the same way, have a lot of unresolved issues that they are denying...probably since childhood. .
  20. @NuderThanNude I agree and disagree. You're right, but my entire point was that it had to be taught, so I agree with you saying that people have to take responsibility and teach it. But people are less likely to ridicule things different from them if they understand that the difference doesn't actually mean anything in terms of worth . And people are less likely to take offense to such ignorant ridicules if THEY know that the difference doesn't mean worth. It's about education, sexual in one sense and simply relational in the other. More generally to your point, I think that words do have the power to hurt, especially when people are fed those messages all their life. And regarding penis size, if porn is all you really see, or even the vast majority of what you're exposed to in terms of sexuality, then not only is the view of size skewed, so it's the view of sexuality. And people may ask possess the capability to ignore messages or words about their bodies or behavior, but, just like the capacity for empathy or the ability to ride a bike, some people can't utilize that until they are taught how. I mention empathy specifically because what confidence is for you, empathy is for me. I was able to recognize and understand the emotions of others from an early age, without being taught. for a long time, I couldn't understand why others couldn't do the same. Because we're not all the same, and some of us come into different capacities at different times through different circumstances. What's more, just telling people to toughen up and realize that words can't hurt them ignores the very real problem of the person who spoke the words in the first place. At best, they are ignorant, as we all are in our own ways. at worst, they are not only hurtful, but can be indicative of larger social problems. Hence, I saw address both by letting everyone know that, for instance penis size is just a measure of penis size, not manhood, virility, sexual prowess, confidence, etc. Hence, education.
  21. Maybe... but it wasn't meant to be. I never considered myself anything but 'normal' in my ability to understand things (at any age). That is why I have a hard time appreciating why guys with similar experiences to mine turned out being insecure. To make matters worse, many of those guys have larger penises than I do. When I hear some of the stories I can't help but want to shout out "stop that, there is nothing wrong with you, there is no reason to feel like that"! Unfortunately, as long as people keep making excuses for the way they are or keep blaming others or thinking they cannot change, they never will change. It may take some longer than others but everyone has the capability to refine their thinking and correct errors in what they were taught to believe. It took me into my teens to correct some of the errors that were put into my head at an early age. Many of those here with issues are well past middle age.
  22. Yes it was about 9 months ago. Which is what brought me to this site
  23. @Jason E Were you married at the time or involved with her?
  24. No I wasn't, I'm taking her word on it
  25. that's rather a narcissistic tone id say, No doubt you have intelligence, and other things amongst that I'm sure, but honestly if you were able to that's a good thing, but most other children probably didn't have the perception you did. A child , as they are not in possession of all their faculties yet is not culpable to such a standard.
  26. @smallgrower That is exactly my point. Words themselves have no power to harm us - they are only sound waves - we have to allow them to impact us negatively. If someone makes a statement I know to be false I ignore it and go about my life. I for one believe it is wrong for anyone to laugh at, or make a negative comment about a physical characteristic of someone - if it is something they have no control over. To do so would be purposeless unless the purpose was to try to make the person feel bad. That alone would tell me a lot about that person and make their opinion meaningless to me. Even if it were true and let's say I was born without a penis or an arm or a leg. It is not something I had a choice in and cannot change so why worry about it or feel bad about it. It is something I just have to learn to live with and make the best of. Someone's negative comments won't change anything and are just meaningless garbage. Hell - even people who are born blind learn to live full and rewarding lives.They may even be better in some regards since normally their other senses are more finely tuned and they can see life in ways nobody else can. They are no less of a person and have no reason to allow themselves to feel bad. They are just different - that's all. Would the human race perish if everyone were born without sight? Bats cannot see and do just fine without it. So what, if my penis is smaller that everyone else's!? That just makes me rarer, unique and special. Everyone knows that things that are rare and unique are more valuable. You may say "it's great you feel that way - but not everyone else does". My answer is that everyone is born with that capability. They just need to stop blaming everyone else first, then take responsibility, and make the effort themselves to develop it. It's never too late!
  27. There is a medical procedure called suspensory ligament transection that may help. https://aedit.com/procedure/penis-enlargement-ligament-transection
  28. That would be like telling your eyes not close when you sneeze. It is a way for the body to protect itself. I do know where you are coming from; shrinkage can get downright uncomfortable. I think my creamaster muscle is the strongest one in my body.
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