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win the lottery or have a bigger dick?

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I would prefer to win the lottery.  With the few women i have been with, they care more about money than my dick and its size.

Won £10 last week

toaddfish327 - Truer words have never been spoken!

Current research suggests that up to $16k per year money does indeed make you happier. However after the simple needs like food, shelter, annual holiday and car have been covered extra money over the $16k adds nothing. That's the big western paradox - we're richer than ever in the developed world and focus on GDP growth but are just a miserable as before.


So I think if you live in poverty then money option... if not... and a bigger one would do it for you, then go for it.

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I would take the money

I am sure, with big bucks, I would go see the best endocrinologist in the planet, and, I would improve my condition. Money talks, what treatments are completely out of the question because of the cost, with big bucks, I am sure something could be done . If not growing , at least improving my overall condition.

Also, I would travel to places around the world, were there is still women that live away from all this craziness commercial economy, away from shallow women.


I would take the big penis offer to the lottery, if it includes the big penis and back to 19 years of age.

I can tell with certeintly, had I been confident in myself ( confidence I would had gotten w a large penis ) I would had reached the stars by now.

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I'd take the money. Sad as it is, if you have a lot of money there are always a lot of cute young guys looking for a sugar daddy. I'd love to have the money to travel and nevr have to worry about bills again. I'd still feel uncomfortable at times about my dick but being rich would make it less important to me.

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i'd take a 8x6 dick as that would give me greater satisfaction. You can't buy happiness and many ppl after winning the lottery say it hasn't made them any happier. Anyways, what is more pleasureable than being comfortable in your skin and ozzing self-confidence. A decent size dick would be life changing. Although, i hate to admit it as it does rather pathetic.


then agin, a nice mansion wiht swimming pool, never having to work again. Jesus, thats a tough one hhah

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If I won the lottery, it wouldn't matter how big my dick is / was. The money would compensate for any short comings that one would have, and to others it would be humungous,just to please you, to get at the money. So definitley money for me.

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