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what exactly is the concept of a 'grower' ?

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The word seems obvious when talking about penises but I was not sure about the certain way it means grower. I hear it all the time and always had the confusion of what EXACTLY a 'grower' is. I talked to my best friend on this too and he isn't sure himself but he thinks like myself it generally means someone is small flaccid but large erect at least based on girlygossip convo's he's overheard from females in his college days about who on campus the girls knew had a small wang soft but it grew to 8 inches hard or something.

So my thoughts on what else it could in fact mean is this: someone who is small or moderatley small when flaccid lets say for example he's 2 and 3/4 inches soft then when he's hard he's bang on average right at the 6 inch mark. Would this make him a 'grower' in the way he grows a lot over double the size from his 2 3/4 inch soft to AVERAGE six inches erect but is in fact not larger than average at the end? he's a 'grower' because of the good amount of difference in size from approx nearly 3 inches to average six and NOT because he's large when hard.

I'm betting its generally most commonly accepted as someone who is just large when hard but small when soft is this generally the right consensus or am I way off the mark here? (pun intended)

This problem about these size specifics sadly don't concern me because i''d barely even count myself as actually even having a penis but hopefuly someone can put my curiousity to rest for me and my friend and what better place! :)

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You might want to look at the earlier topic The Truth Behind "Grower vs. Shower" in the Penis News Network forum.

Here are links to some even older threads that address the topic of Growers and Showers.

Alan G -- Measurection Administrator



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@RodEnuf Oh..  ok I was naive enough to think I was the only one who didn't know lol. Is there a chance you could just give me the overall general answers of those topics so I don't have to consider and reconsider peoples different views in long threads. What would you say was the final verdict?

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Grower = grows a LOT . It doesnt have to be big. It is just the amount of growing from flacid to erect counts ...so you dont have to be hung to be a grower. 
I am a grower. Flacid Im 2 -3 inches , erect  Im lil above average bonepressed (6.3). It looks different. But Im far from hung.

My buddy hangs a 5 inched flacid which grows to 6 inches erect ...which is much more a "shower" chategory. 

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3 minutes ago, Brennick89 said:

Is there a chance you could just give me the overall general answers of those topics so I don't have to consider and reconsider peoples different views in long threads.

The first link is to a copy of an online magazine article on the subject.  You might want to just read what that author had to say.

If you're OK with a very short answer, @shooter gave you a good answer above.

Alan G

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I've had similar discussions with friends, and we've come to the consensus that the terms are pretty self explanatory. 

A grower grows, and by a substantial amount; although the amount is debatable, my friends and I generally agree a growth of 2 or more inches is significant. 

A shower shows, and the amount shown is significant.  Again, debatable, but we came to the consensus that 4.5 or more inches showing typically seems about right. 

This means that someone can be a grower, a shower, both,  or neither, and, most importantly, there's nothing inherently wrong with belonging to any category. 

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I relate a shower as someone who only changes maybe an inch in size between soft and hard.

Growers tend to increase size by 75% or more.  I would be an extreme example of grower (though small) as my typical soft size is 1"x1" and hard is 4.75"x3.75".  That is over 400% increase in length and almost 400% in girth.  As impressive as the percentages sounds, it's still not an impressive erect size.... 

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I seem find my grower status has more than 2 extremes.

Plain naked & unaroused I poke straight out almost an inch; out of a hot shower I hang almost two.

But then still have a varying state of erection, ranging from:-

About  3 3/4" when I'm hard enough for my cock to be horizontal (and reasonably firm)
Gets to a bit over 4" by the time it's point up at 30°,
Then on the high side of 4.5" when it points 60° upwards
Full on arousal when right in the moment might see another 1/4" or so.

Girth varies similarly in that horizontal to upright range from 3.75 to 4.25" when rock hard & springy.


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I consider myself a grower, had to explain that to an ex, she wasn't familiar with the term till I gave her a demo :)

I'm around 2.5 to 3 inches when flaccid, sometime smaller if cold/stessed etc. Erect I can be from 5.5 to 5.9 depending on how hard I get. Sometimes the shaft is rock hard but my glans isn't totally hard.

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