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Guess I am a little old for this, but today for the first time I can remember, I sipped a bit of my own urine.

It was not pleasant.

My diet is rather bland, but maybe my medications make it taste so bad?

Anyway, sitting naked at the computer after some camming, it was sure convenient to use the newly empty coffee cup and take care of business.

That was when I decided to have a sip.

The 'net seems to say there is no good reason to drink your own urine, and that possibly you introduce bacteria if you do.  So I will refrain.

But I have to wonder if a bit of sugar would improve things.



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@old n hard I'm like you NO on the urine. I shop very rarely have pre cum so when I do edge for a long time I will sometimes get some and it does taste excellent. Like having my own cum every once in a while

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I thought I'd read (more than once) that drinking your own urine is an option when you can't get anything else AND it's sterile.  From what I've read above, I now question these assertions.

I've not tried mine, no real desire to do so.  But @old n hard and @Pilgrem both mentioned pre-cum.  I don't make enough to drink, but I have have definitely tasted mine.  But what I really like is using it as a lip balm when my lipped are dry.  Seriously - it's great for chapped lipped - and it's all natural, too.  Organic!  So, I'm saving the planet - yay, me!

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1 hour ago, Allen43 said:

I’ve tasted urine a few times, but never my own. It’s certainly NOT my favorite thing to do. It also burns my eyes.

Maybe it's rude of me to ask, and it's certainly NONE of my business, but if you don't like tasting urine, how did you end up tasting it "a few times"?  Feel free to tell me to take a hike!

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@CuriousNow No hike required. Please, keep your seat, lol. It seems I found myself  ‘in a position’ I think is the best way to describe it, for it to occur. This lady I was seeing expressed an interest in squatting over my face a peeing on it. She seemed sincere and was convincing, so I submitted to it. A few times actually. I kept my mouth as closed as I could but, it got all over my lips. She actually would sometimes sit all the way down on my face while she relieved herself. I got quite a taste of it but I never really had to swallow any of it. And like I said, it burned my eyes. Overall though she really was fun to be with. 

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