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I have not cammed for a long time.I had cam problems and flash  problems. I must say its very very hard to get back into it.Its almost like the first day i went in there kind of scary. Just wanted to say please i wont cam much but when i do.its just trying to have the same fun i use to a few years back. Im not trying to scare any one off or make people leave the room.A lot of guys on here are new and im more scared of you then you should be of me  thanks

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27 minutes ago, Vinnig said:

Good luck with Flash; some devices won't accept it, and Adobe will no longer be supporting it by year's end.

We are still awaiting word from our Video Chat provider about their year-end plans for a non-Flash replacement of their current service.  We will make a post in the Tech Support forum as soon as we know anything.

Alan G -- Measurection Administrator

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really does not matter most guys are not in the mood.its a bit like dinky dick. They had a cam room and of course people just went in there to say hi. its sad very sad cause it use to be so much fun here. I took close to a year not being there. When i got back in no one hardly talked. One of the addm. here who passed away. he talked me through not being afraid on cam.he gave me courage. He made the room fun.Now i find out that the end of the year with flash gone after i finally got it working that a new system might be put in place.Im betting its the end of the line for me any ways but just wish the final month would bring on some guys who are not against talking to older guys.

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1 hour ago, zebraben said:

yea those days i remember well. in fact my first fast film camara was a thing called the swinger.had a catchy song behind the tv ads. meet the swinger its more than a camara its almost alive. its only nineteen dollars and ninty five. yes i remember well. 

I remember them too.....my brother had one and gave it to me when he moved out.....I was 12


and then kodak instamatic with the drop in cartridge and flash cube....4 flashes from one bulb


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