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What do you wear in bed

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On 9/8/2022 at 12:27 PM, cwben84 said:

I guess I'm in the minority here because everyone seems to sleep naked. I wear boxers, PJ bottoms and a t-shirt minimum otherwise I get cold during the night.

Hmmm... I recommend you buy an electric blanket and try sleeping naked!  Same for you, @smallpei!

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On 9/16/2022 at 12:53 AM, mypenisisfivepointfive said:

Summer... In the winter...

Hey, welcome to Measurection.com!  I have to ask, though - have you ever tried sleeping with nothing on?  As a young boy, I would never even have considered it.  But I "discovered" it at age 11 or 12.  It may not be for you, but I loved it right away and now can't stand having any kind of clothes on when I'm sleeping.

As a side note, mine hasn't been five point five for many a year.  So, enjoy it while you can!

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Naked, always. I may have told this story a long time in the early history of the group, but I started sleeping naked when I was about 9 or 10 at the suggestion of my friend's mom.  I was staying over for a few nights and before lights out, she came upstairs to the bedroom I was sharing with my friend and his older brother. She explained that my friend had recently started sleeping in the nude and that she thought that was perfectly fine. She then said if I wanted to do it also she would have no problem with it.  So I did.  My best friend and I slept nude in one bed while his older brother (2 or 3 years older) slept in the other bed in his tight-whities.

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On 9/22/2022 at 12:19 AM, JustGuy said:

... Tried sleeping naked but its honestly uncomfortable for me 

I clicked on the "Sad" reaction thing because I love sleeping naked so much - I'm disappointed that others can't enjoy it as I do. But, in the end, what's most important is that you are comfortable.  So good for you!

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On 9/23/2022 at 7:30 AM, toadfish327 said:

I probably put them under my pillow and rolled around a lot, but my wife may have helped them out or tightened them up a little.ūüėĀ

PROOF of the incredible DANGERS of sleeping with any type of clothing on (or even near the bed)!  SLEEP NAKED - IT'S ALL ABOUT SAFETY!

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6 hours ago, CuriousNow said:

what's most important is that you are comfortable. 

At first I found in uncomfortable, what if someone comes in and I am "exposed", nakedness is bad.
However after awhile it became mentally comfortable and felt better physically.
There are some (doctors) who recommend nude sleeping stating it's healthier but I don't remember why.

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Hi guys, great replys to this topic, some have been funny thanks...it still seems most people go nude. I always go nude but I have just started to wear a t-shirt as its getting colder here now..

Also as a kid I wore my briefs and pajamas but went on holiday with my friend and family I shared a room with him and his brother both slept in the nude I thought this was odd but after a while I gave it a go and have not looked back..

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